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  1. escapetomsfate

    SDK Question How to blit onto an MFD's display surface?

    I'm displaying a 2D representation of a vessel's mesh inside an MFD: Obviously saving all the lines into an array and drawing them with oapi::Sketchpad's Line function is proving quite costly. Reducing the number of sampled vertices will improve performance, but not enough. I think the best...
  2. escapetomsfate

    OBSP needs YOU! - Tester(s) and developers wanted

    Orbiter Battle Simulation Project (as the name suggests) is an attempt to add combat functionality to Orbiter. For nearly 2 years now, RisingFury and I have been working on this ambitious project, and we're getting closer to a first release! We already have an autopilot (capable of carpet...
  3. escapetomsfate

    Project Orbiter Battle Simulation Project Needs Developers!

    Orbiter Battle Simulation Project - Development Thread Latest news is in post #196 OBSP intends to replicate combat in Orbiter. Features include: Damage Model Weapons System Autopilots Artificial Intelligence RADAR Countermeasures Collision Detection and handling User interface including HUD...
  4. escapetomsfate

    SDK Question Registering a lua function with Orbiter

    I want to register a function with Orbiter's lua interpreter so that it's recognised in scripts and in the lua console. //simple lua function static int Lua_function(lua_State* L) { //just print to the screen to show that the function has been recognised sprintf(oapiDebugString(), "LUA...
  5. escapetomsfate

    SDK Question opcCreateVessel or equivalent?

    Hi, I've just discovered, by accident, the opcDeleteVessel function: DLLCLBK void opcDeleteVessel(OBJHANDLE hVessel) Which is called each time a vessel is deleted. My question is: is there a callback function that is called each time a vessel is created? I've tried opcCreateVessel, but...
  6. escapetomsfate

    Adding an interactive panel to a vessel

    So, I thought I'd make a short tutorial covering panels in vessel modules. I'm currently adding a panel to EOP, so I'll use it as an example. Part 1: Preparing the Panel 1. First, get a panel drawn. I'm using wehaveaproblem's panel that he drew specifically for EOP. I'd reccomend you make the...
  7. escapetomsfate

    Update Texturer wanted for Refuel's Earth Orbiting Platform panel

    Are you good with Photoshop or GIMP? ReFuel's Earth Orbiting Platform needs someone to make a 2D panel to control the space station's systems. Criteria: -Both panels must be 1024 X 768 8-bit bitmaps -An 'authentic' panel dating 2069 (style is up to you ;)) -Use the sketches in this .zip as a...
  8. escapetomsfate

    Project ReFuel's Earth Orbiting Platform - Development Thread

    ReFuel LLC's Earth Orbiting Platform This is the development thread for ReFuel's EOP. This is the .DLL version, intended to replace the static SSBB one. Stats -103 tonnes dry -16 Fuel tanks, weighing 20 tonnes each. -UMMU Capacity of 6. Who's working on EOP: HipotOk1978 - Manager, concepts...
  9. escapetomsfate

    API Question Reversing the "direction" of a velocity in VECTOR3

    So, in the next version of OBSP, I will use actual force for damage instead of a simple "You've died" message. This means I need to move a vessel away from the explosion, perfectly outward. My first thought for doing this is to use GetRelativePos to get the position in vector3, and then reverse...
  10. escapetomsfate

    Idea Lua Tutorial in next version

    The number one thing that puts people off orbiter is the steep learning curve. Even though there's tutorials like Go Play In Space to break it up a bit, lots of people still don't like it. So, how about we use the next version's Lua player to make an interactive tutorial? It could start from...
  11. escapetomsfate

    Project OBSP Development Thread

    I present Orbiter Battle Simulation Project - An attempt at creating realistic, fun and customisable for orbiter. This thread is intended to gather ideas for the first "proper" release. Download the beta FEATURES -Make custom weapons with CFG files. -Collision detection (weapons +...
  12. escapetomsfate

    C++ Question Pointer Problems

    Ok, I'm trying to make combat for orbiter. There's a weapon class, containing the Fired vector, declared like this: vector<VESSEL*> Fired; //vector of all fired weapons of this class When the fire() function is called, the vessel...
  13. escapetomsfate

    SDK Question Setting VESSELSTATUS of an external ship.

    How would I, say, set the altitude of a vessel that isn't the one in focus? The only thing I can think of is to use SetVessel, and the DefSetState, but that seems to be for initial initialisation.
  14. escapetomsfate

    C++ Question MSVCRTD.lib gives R6033 error on runtime

    Hi. My PC has just had a hard drive rewipe, which has erased all my VC++ projects :( Today, I tried to reinstall the compiler (VC++ 2008). ShuttlePB compiles fine. But when I try MFDTemplate, it gives me this; orbitersdk.lib(Orbitersdk.obj) : error LNK2005: [email protected] already defined in...
  15. escapetomsfate

    Idea Textures that change relative to seasons

    How about changing earth's (or the other planets') texture according to the season? There are textures for each season here; I don't think there are any APIs that can reload textures without reloading everything else...
  16. escapetomsfate

    Top Gear will film episode from Orbit That will be awesome. More TV shows are thinking the same thing, apparently.
  17. escapetomsfate

    API Question oapiCreateVessel - Works with MFDs?

    Hi all. I have two questions - 1) Will the function oapiCreateVessel let me spawn ships from MFDs? 2)If so, how would I do this? please post some code. Thanks a lot.
  18. escapetomsfate

    Idea A new take on orbiter online

    One of the main reasons that orbiter multiplayer won't work is time acceleration. It would be tedious without it, and annoying if each user had seperate control. Well, how about a client that runs seperate "rooms" where there is just one ship. Players could choose whether they would like to be...
  19. escapetomsfate

    Idea Scenario Story Module

    How about this - A module/MFD that carries out a story, with goals and checklists. It could parse a section of a scenario file, and put it into orbiter. to be honest, I'd code it myself, but my C++ skills are limited :(
  20. escapetomsfate

    New Release HMS Nirvana Aircraft Carrier V2

    Hello, just here to point out my latest addon: HMS Nirvana Aircraft Carrier V2 It's an Aircraft Carrier that has 10 pads and a runway. I tried very hard to put in a ramp with ORulex and meshland, but the DG just bounced off it ridiculously ROFL Anyways, check it out and see what you think :)