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  1. Poscik

    Orbit oscillating due to non-spherical gravity sources

    Hi. Can I somewhere find a formula that will describe how much my PeA and ApA will be oscillating due to non-spherical gravity sources? I learnt how to launch to let the gravity align orbits, but I still have some problems with rendezvous. I'm setting my ApA to slightly intersect with target's...
  2. Poscik

    Coordinates transformation

    Hi. I'm trying to develop simple "3D Telemetry Visualisation Tool" especially for shuttle ultra. I have to rotate Earth correct way to show shuttle movement. So that I think I have to combine one resultant axis from XYZ axes, and rotate over it. Schematic view, R is the axis I am looking for...
  3. Poscik

    News Incident at JFK airport

    I think no comments are needed. I only wonder how could that happen...
  4. Poscik

    SSU in Orbiter 2010

    I made few test with latest sources on clear 2010 version. It looks like RCS manual firing doesn't work here. Maybe you guys coded something like RCS subsystem and I have to pull some switches :shrug:. Also CRT doesn't display OPS name in top left corner of MFD. I'll try to fix those things and...
  5. Poscik

    News Polish President died in plane crash...
  6. Poscik

    News Crash on polish air show in Radom.

    SU-27 crashed few seconds after takeoff. Both pilots are dead.
  7. Poscik

    Scenario Editor TLE

    Hi! I know about this ability for scenario editor. Now question: How correct TLE file have to be written? Always, when I'm trying to apply TLE it shows "bad TLE file". I tried this: ISS 1 25544U 98067A 07159.49870731 .00020000 00000-0 20000-3 0 9022 2 25544 51.6309 148.8110 0008189 295.2069...
  8. Poscik

    Problem Storing MFD instance.

    Hello! Just implemented storing MFD data from this article: No code errors, but 5 unresolved externals. Gyro.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: __thiscall std::out_of_range::out_of_range(class...
  9. Poscik

    Angular velocities

    Hi!. I have a lot of problems to calculate them properly. What I want to do: I'm trying to calculate correct angular velocity rates, which have to be applied to vessel to maintain correct attitude. Some assumptions: When vessel changes its pitch, it rotates over X axis. When vessel changes its...
  10. Poscik

    Problem GDIClient.lib missing

    Hi! I'm little bored today, so I decided to have some fun with D3D7Client compiling and modifying few things. I can't compile new module, because GDIClient.lib is missing. I didn't find it in any SDK kit. I have VC2008, Microsoft SDK, DX9 sdk and DX7sdk. So where I can find this missed library?
  11. Poscik

    Problem Spacecraft3 key issues

    Hi! In few vessels, animation is controlled by numbers (1,2,3 etc.) If I press any of them, with shift, ctrl or both, nothing happens. I must replace numbers to G or K to make it working. Where is the problem?
  12. Poscik

    FS2004 smoke problem

    Hi! Everything was ok, but one day I launched Flight Simulator and have this: Does anybody know how to fix it?
  13. Poscik

    RInc Velocity.

    Hi! My problem is short: How to recalculate current RInc to velocity? STSGuidanceMFD shows velocity, which should be reduced to have RInc = 0° But how to calculate it manually?
  14. Poscik

    Search vMC2

    Hi! Where I can find vMC2 setup file? I found home page of this project, but:
  15. Poscik

    .dll Question Mesh groups in *.dll module

    Hi! I wrote simple dll. I want to animate some parts of mesh, but when I run vessel from compiled dll, I have no groups. For example, when I make config for that mesh in Spacecraft3, all of groups exist. In dll, I have only base functions, which are rosponsible for DLL initialisation etc. I...
  16. Poscik

    error C3861: 'sprintf_s': identifier not found

    It's not the first time, when I have that problem. I wrote very simple mfd with secure functions, but I can't compile it. I hace that error which is in topic. Compiler is configured like in OrbiterWiki article. I tried to compile source on VC2005 and VC2008. In both I couldn't do that. Included...
  17. Poscik

    Scaling in Spacecraft3

    Hi! I have a problem with scaling in spacecraft3. Mesh which I want tu scale is translating and scaling. I don't know why... Maybe REF_PNT is wrong?
  18. Poscik

    Making group of meshes

    Hi! I made simple model in gmax and I wanted to animate them in Spacecraft3. I made groups of meshes by selecting them and choosing Group -> Group. In the name strip I wrote: 01 But If I wrote an animation for this group, it didn't animate and other mesh have been animated. How I must make and...
  19. Poscik

    Mesh exporting

    Which tool I should use to export mesh from gmax to Orbiter Mesh Format? I tried to use some tools, but anyone works correctly.
  20. Poscik

    Align Planes in Shuttle Ultra

    Hi! I have some problems with Align Planes in this shuttle. When I'm rotating, shuttle translates. When I'm translating, shuttle rotates. Is there any way to eliminate this "behaviour" of shuttle? Can I make plane alignment with CRT MFD? I have fuel for OMS and RMS.