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    General Question velocity vector - Is this a bug ?

    When i switch from surface to orbit HUD the velocity vector (the circle with a cross inside ) is not at the same point , in my opinion it should. I was thinking of posting this to the bug section but i am not sure if it's a bug
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    Earth shine algorithm

    how can we find.. 1) the f angle 2) the percentage of the Yellow area as viewing the SPHERE from the vessel ( not the 2d plane as seen in the picture )
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    Request Can we do that ? STA 747
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    Software pltex cloud question

    When selecting to create a cloud layer the prompt gives you 2 options Solid/Transparent My question is.. Why transparent mode requests an additional bmp for transparecy ? since all clouds are white then the first bmp should be a totaly blank (white) picture and the second would be the clouds...
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    Software Requesting the New Beta executable

    I cant download 70.5MB with my connection not only that after i had my winXP crashed the beta does not run i upgrade to SP2 but still it doesn't run and i am curious about the new beta (if it will run ) and also i missed the hires textures so if you have the orbiter.exe file of the 090331...
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    Software Beta is not working !

    My WinXP SP2 crashed I reinstalled them no Service Pack (cant upgrade now) aaaaaaand... (see the title of this thread) The launchpad is not opening ! i think it has to do something with the GDI something.. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP :compbash::compbash::compbash...
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    Atmo II (?)

    take a look and if my request : become true in the next orbiter version , it would be a blast !
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    normals algorithm

    Any1 know how to get the normals from a triangle ? the triangle is part of a sphere but could describe a mountain so its not always surface just asking
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    Surface Optimization

    ok while i am thinking how to do it any idea or link on how to make an optimization of n height entries to a x number of points ? the pic has a coarse example of an optimization to 12 points (or dots) (points are not at fixed positions )
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    long time no see

    Question 1 the sts fuell tank is allways full no matter the weight of the payload ? i mean the max payload weight is 24400kg so ok the tank is full, but if the payload is 12200kg they still full it ? Question 2 When i orbit the fuel tank is following me ,shouldn't it suppose to deorbit ? or...
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    Astro War

    is it possible to deorbit asteroids at the asteroid belt to hit targets on earth ?
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    Anyone knows the current developing status of orbiter ?

    Examples: They are working on lighting They are working on clouds They are working on physics They are trying to make L15 textures They are trying to improve the 3d models They are trying to ban spase_1976 from orbiter forum