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  1. Jaakko

    Question Kourou addon question

    Does these addons working on Orbiter 2010: Kourou_ELS_V4.0 PackCSG_ELA_250610 It contains other addons also.
  2. Jaakko

    Project Starting new addon project.

    This is my addon project here. Nothing developed yet. First I need answers to few questions: A) How to publish addon pictures? (Textures, meshes and so on...) I have a Visual Studio 2009 edition. Can it be used with Orbiter somehow? If anybody is looking for a FREE C++ compiler. Here is one...
  3. Jaakko

    Problem Installation screwed up. Again :(

    :beathead::sos::sos::sos::beathead: HELP.HELP. Installation is screwed up again. Here is the Orbiter diagnostic Log: Scenarios directory found: OK. Meshes directory found: OK. Config directory found: OK. Base.cfg found: OK. Vessels directory found: OK. VINKA's SPACECRAFT ADDON...
  4. Jaakko

    General Question Orbiter installation manual & addon management tools?

    About this Orbiter game. Is there any installation manual /program for it? Is there any addon management tools available?
  5. Jaakko

    Problem Textures Messed UP Badly

    :sos: When I try to fly in Orbiter I get messed up textures:(. Different colors blink and some textures disappear. Is this a memory or texture problem?:( Earth shows on the ground when I'm in the orbit some sort of colorful mess:sick:. Deltaglider shows strange bluegreenyellow texture...
  6. Jaakko

    Installation Development advice.

    Somebody made a file named: Orbiter Web installer. Good program:speakcool: Maybe the creator can develop it to install the other addons also? Because I have tried to install a Orbiter twice and I :censored: it up every time:(. So I need help for it:(. Maybe I use too many MFD's? Maybe A...
  7. Jaakko

    General Questions About Installations

    Can somebody help me about installing orbiter correctly. What I install next. I have these files: DeltagliderIV_20070526.exe OrbiterSound35.exe :confused:Do I install MDF's or textures? There are many textures in orbiterhangar. They Are: Name and...