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  1. thepenguin

    Problem Why is this image loader not working?

    void MyVessel::DefineMainPanel(PANELHANDLE hPanel) { static DWORD panelW = 800; static DWORD panelH = 400; float fpanelW = (float)panelW; float fpanelH = (float)panelH; static DWORD texW = 128; static DWORD texH = 128; float boundW = (float)panelW/texW; float...
  2. thepenguin

    General Question Does anyone have a full copy of the code from this post by martins?

    Martins posted this on the blog a while ago: I've been trying to get it to work, but with little success. Does anyone have a working implementation of it that I could start by modifying? (also, the font graphics for blitting would be...
  3. thepenguin

    API Question Getting O2 partial pressure

    By my understanding of the documentation, this should give me the atmospheric partial pressure of oxygen. However, when I try to run it on earth, all I get is a value of 0. (I would expect a value of roughly 0.21) const OBJHANDLE hBody = GetParent()->GetAtmRef(); const ATMCONST *atm = (hBody...
  4. thepenguin

    Meshing Question Why is my ship's exterior striped?

    I have recently been meshing a new ship (called the Excelsior). However, the outside of the ship looks like this: As you can see, the middle of the ship looks uniform, but the ends are strangely colored. The entire ship is made of the same material, but those parts are different mesh...
  5. thepenguin

    Problem Buggy Deltaglider code.

    I am currently developing a vessel, but whenever I engaged the main engine, I was flung into NaN-space. I managed to track the problem down to this single line of code (when I comment it out I can fly freely), but I have no idea what is wrong with it. If anyone has insights into what could be...
  6. thepenguin

    Flight Question Condition for fireball

    Under some conditions, the re-entry effect appears for vessels moving through the atmosphere. This effect appears regardless of whether or not there is an actual re-entry going on. (i.e. you are going fast at low altitude) So I was wondering what the condition is for the giant fireball of...
  7. thepenguin

    General Question Disable Builtin MFDs

    I was wondering if there was any way to get rid of default MFDs in Orbiter. For example, if I rarely use HSI or VOR/VTOL, could I get rid of them to fit all my other MFDs onto one page? Or, possibly, disable Docking MFD in a DG-IV (or just generally), because that has auto-dock to do that...
  8. thepenguin

    Hardware Joystick?

    How many of you use joysticks? I was thinking about getting one to make flying easier, and I think I found a pretty good deal here: It has enough buttons for the autopilots, and from what I have read online from 3rd party...
  9. thepenguin

    Touching Tiles

    Okay, here's something I have been wondering about for a while. Given a grid of A by B square tiles, there are {AB \choose n} ways to distribute n markers on those tiles (each marker takes up 1 tile, not split between tiles. You can consider it a 2D binary array with n "true" values placed...
  10. thepenguin

    Meshing Question Mesh File Structure

    I was just wondering what the format for a .msh file is, because I couldn't find any documentation on them. I can see most of the major structures, but the sets of 7 numbers per line, followed by the sets of 3 per line have me confused. I know there is one set of 7 and one set of 3 per mesh...
  11. thepenguin

    General Question Orbiter.exe runtime error logs

    I am currently working on a vessel addon that compiles fine, but then crashes orbter when I try to load a scenario with it. Are there error logs hidden somewhere for debugging this kind of problem, or do I just have to guess about what's wrong and hope I get it right?
  12. thepenguin

    SDK Question creating a function that runs every frame

    What I am trying to do is to create a function that is executed by the simulator every frame. The function will be dynamically adjusting parameters of the spacecraft (such as adjusting engine power every frame). how do I do this?
  13. thepenguin

    General Question Most complicated/advanced vessel

    I was just wondering what you thought the most complex vessels in orbiter were (stock or addons). I know that the DGIV and the XR-series are rather complex, but is there anything with more realism? More specifically, what is/are the orbiter ship(s) with the most complex internal systems.
  14. thepenguin

    Question XR2 Touchdown Vertical Speed

    Simple Question: Gear damage depends upon two factors: vertical speed and vessel mass. What's the formula? I would expect something rather complex, but I hope I will be surprised.
  15. thepenguin

    Question XR2 Heating Models?

    does anybody have an algorithm for predicting the hull temps of an XR2 during re-entry, as well as standard atmospheric flight? (I would appreviate it if they are the same ones used in-simulation) I would assume that atmo. density, atmo. temperature, vessel velocity, and heading all factor in...
  16. thepenguin

    A little math puzzle for you all

    If you have two buckets, each with a volume of fluid inside, which we will assume to be an even integer. If the two volumes are A and B, find a physically possible method of obtaining a quantity of liquid with volume (A xor B). (And yes, this is a little more than just a random thought...