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    Hardware Dual Graphics recognition

    Hi all, I've a Dell Laptop with Intel and AMD Radeon graphics. Currently Orbiter only recognises the Intel Graphics. Is there a way that Orbiter can be set to recognise the AMD graphics? I have included Orbiter in the AMD Radeon settings but the video setting in Orbiter still shows the...
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    General Question USCSS Prometheus

    Hi all, Did anyone manage to get the USCSS Prometheus to work in Orbiter 2016? I would be most greatful if I could obtain a working copy. Thanks in advance.
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    General Question Changing a .dll file

    Hi all, I’m currently flying the Providence however as this ship doesn’t have a .ini file, I was wondering how I could increase the main’s fuel quantity. It holds 150k. It has a providence.dll file in the modules folder. Can anyone advise how I can change the quantity from 150k to 350m? Your...
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    Question FTL Drive Operations - RagTag Fleet Space Park

    Just a re-post to separate it from another. Any idea of what controls or how to operate the FTL drive or Warp Drive on the Ring Ship or Space Park, hitting Ctl+F12 spools up either the FTL or Warp Drive (not sure which one) but it doesn't jump anywhere. Thanks in advance.
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    General Question Creating an .ini file

    Hi team, How can I go about creating a .ini file for the Firefly. Currently all it has is a cfg file. Thanks in advance.
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    Question Latest Firefly

    Greetings, I was wondering if anyone had the latest Firefly that I could have. I believe RagTag had downloads but his link no longer exists. Thank you in advance.
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    Shuttle Press Kits

    I find that reading up on missions is quite handy before attempting to have a go at it in Orbiter Space Sim. I basically download the Presskits for that particular mission I have a go at. :) Available here:Shuttle Press Kits