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  1. Lunar_Lander

    Question about Soyuz Systems

    I got a rather short question: What is the source of the gamma-rays in the Landing Altitmeter "Kaktus-2V" in the Soyuz capsule? A cathode tube or an Element? Cobalt-60 probably?
  2. Lunar_Lander

    [GER] TV-Tipp: Die Wunder des Sonnensystems

    Heute abend ab 20:15 auf VOX kommt Die Wunder unseres Sonnensystems, die BBC-Dokumentation mit Brian Cox. Außerdem läuft auch wieder "Die Planeten" und zwar die überarbeitete Fassung. Am 27.11. kommt die 4. Folge Wettlauf zum Mond.
  3. Lunar_Lander

    Science Eurobarometer - "Science and Technology"

    The European Union recently released a new Eurobarometer report, this time the topic is Science and Technology: The results of the study is somewhat shocking: One of the topics was "science is unimportant". 57% of the questioned in...
  4. Lunar_Lander

    Calculating a parachute descent

    While doing some calculations for my balloon, I ran into some kind of roadblock now. I would like to get the time of descent by parachute from the altitudes these balloons reach (which are about 30000 m ASL). There is the well known formula for friction force, which is F=0.5 \cdot \rho_{Air}...
  5. Lunar_Lander

    News Widow may become pregnant

    Sorry for the thread title, I didn't want to write one that would be too long. Here's what happened: In Neubrandenburg, a married couple decided to have egg cells inseminated artificially and have them cryogenically stored just after insemination (that is: The sperm has entered the egg but the...
  6. Lunar_Lander

    Science Project Stratosphere Status Report

    Because dbeachy1 asked for it: This is to introduce to you my stratospheric research project, which I gave the name “Project Στρατóσφαιρα“ which is the Greek word for “Stratosphere”, which I chose because of the fact that all physics and especially the theory of ballooning and buoyancy (namely...
  7. Lunar_Lander

    Science Project Stratósfaira Mission Patch Contest (Deadline: May 11, 2010)

    Hello Orbiteers, you have voted that the letter Φ should be on the Mission patch for my balloon project. Now here is a sketch I made: What you can see there is supposed to be Earth's limb with the atmosphere between Earth and Space like on this image...
  8. Lunar_Lander

    Poll Project Stratósfaira Mission Patch Letter

    Hi everyone! I would like your help with my mission patch for the new stratosphere balloon project. I would like to include a capital greek letter in it which also has a certain meaning: Delta stands for changes in parameters Lambda usually is used for wavelenghths and could be a symbol for...
  9. Lunar_Lander

    Science Earthwinds Transglobal Balloon

    I wanted to ask whether anybody still knows the Earthwinds Transglobal Balloon by Larry Newman. He made five attempts to circle the globe with it in 1992-1995, but all of these attempts failed for various reasons. The main idea was that a helium balloon can only fly as long it still has ballast...
  10. Lunar_Lander

    Idea Experiments

    After reading up on Sputnik 3, I asked myself if we could have working experiments in Orbiter too. That would mean that we would need something to measure too of course (so we would need a cosmic ray model for instance). Do you think that it could be possible to include the Van-Allen-Belts...
  11. Lunar_Lander

    Humor Orbital Recipes

    Courtesy of TSPenguin and me: After exchanging recipe ideas in the IRC, I wanted to let you know of some ideas of mine and maybe someone else would like to share their receipes too :)! Today: Chinese Noodles fried with Turkey Meat 1.) Put Chinese Noodles into boiling water for 15 minutes, let...
  12. Lunar_Lander

    Space PDF Collection

    I Suppose here is the best place for this thread, maybe it can be stickied too. Yesterday we had a talk about the disapperance of bobandreport's website on geocities, which had for some been THE reference list of NTRS documents, and the idea came up to start a Space PDF thread here. So I...
  13. Lunar_Lander

    What was the first space-related thing you did?

    The title pretty much says it: What was the first thing in your life you did that was space-related (dreaming about a space mission or being an astronaut counts too!) The first thing I did was when we got Internet in 2001 and still had an Acorn A3010 computer alongside. I somehow learned of...
  14. Lunar_Lander

    Project Uranus: By Gun To Orbit

    We had some discussions about Gerald Bull's High Altitude Research Program on the IRC channel last week. I have read quite a few accounts on HARP (Wikipedia articles, the two articles for which you'll find the links below, as well as some scientific magazine articles). I have...
  15. Lunar_Lander

    [GER] Knight Rider 2008

    Hallo zusammen :)! Ja, ich wollte fragen ob sich jemand außer mir noch den Pilotfilm auf RTL angeschaut hat. Ich fand ihn klasse und konnte eigentlich nicht so recht die Leute verstehen, die ihn schlecht fanden. Was meint ihr? Cheers!:cheers: Hier noch ein schönes Video mit dem ersten KITT...
  16. Lunar_Lander

    News Who is August's father?

    Hi people, just saw the following video on the Youtube Homepage, it jumpstarted from 0 to a full 6.5k views in a few hours. Some say in the comments, that this might be part of an advertising campaign, some say that it is real. What do you say?
  17. Lunar_Lander

    Idea Mercury II/Project Agamemnon

    I hope it is OK that I open this thread, because it does not really fit into the Mercury/Gemini thread next door. Already a few years ago I had the idea of constructing a new version of the Mercury spacecraft, which I then had called Mercury II. Now I came across the name Agamemnon. (I once...
  18. Lunar_Lander

    How did you get your Friends to Orbiter?

    I was driving home with a friend yesterday, and because he knows about my interest in space, he asked me all about Apollo, Space Food and so on. I then suggested him to get Orbiter and gave him the links to the main page and the forum. Today he said that he had a look at the website and was...
  19. Lunar_Lander

    Jupiter vs. Ares

    Hi everybody, yesterday I downloaded the 2006 AIAA paper made by TeamVision Inc., which is all about their approach for the CEV, it's launcher and the missions to Moon and Mars. I have to say, that I think their arguments are quite reasonable, for instance they mention how much Ares I has...
  20. Lunar_Lander

    Science Books by Jared Diamond

    Hi everybody, I would like to discuss the theories and books by Jared Diamond with you. Through my biology teacher I learned of The Third Chimpanzee which I picked up at my city's library the next day. It was really a great read and it brought me to buy the 2006 version of the book. Because it...