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  1. thepenguin

    Transatlantic Ham Radio question

    Chiming in here: Transatlantic communication isn't that hard. I've seen people do it at frequencies as high as 50MHz(6 meters) across the earth (during a contest, no less). If you're willing to bounce off the moon to do it, there's not really a limit to how high you can go. Or, if you'd...
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    Problem Why is this image loader not working?

    void MyVessel::DefineMainPanel(PANELHANDLE hPanel) { static DWORD panelW = 800; static DWORD panelH = 400; float fpanelW = (float)panelW; float fpanelH = (float)panelH; static DWORD texW = 128; static DWORD texH = 128; float boundW = (float)panelW/texW; float...
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    General Question Does anyone have a full copy of the code from this post by martins?

    This is the part that I was really hoping for some guidance on.
  4. thepenguin

    General Question Does anyone have a full copy of the code from this post by martins?

    I've made it this far: I'm trying to get the buttons working and integrated with the MFD/Panel combionation.
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    General Question Does anyone have a full copy of the code from this post by martins?

    I was hoping to start with a small example and build up, rather than searching through 5k lines of code and trying to find anything that's there.
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    General Question Does anyone have a full copy of the code from this post by martins?

    Martins posted this on the blog a while ago: I've been trying to get it to work, but with little success. Does anyone have a working implementation of it that I could start by modifying? (also, the font graphics for blitting would be...
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    Humor Back to the Future Day - Oct. 21, 2015

    You can't do that. That would be animal cruelty... for the shark.
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    General Question What happens if an engaged docking port is moved?

    Anyone ever try this? I'm curious to know what happens, and I don't have any vessels convenient to try on.
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    Advice on Simpit Project w/Rift.

    DISCLAIMER: I have never built a simpit, nor do I have plans to in the near future. I know it's probably too late to go down this road, but for the level of cost you are talking about, it almost makes more sense to buy an old (potentially non-airworthy) plane and rewire the switches and...
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    Programming autopilots

    If you are interested in finding an Orbiter-Based example of this, you could look at the DG's atmospheric autopilot code. You can find it in the file "Orbiter/Script/DG/aap.lua" There are several different things that the AAP (atmospheric autopilot) does. One autopilot controls speed, another...
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    Rant Flat-Earth-Theory

  12. thepenguin

    Pre-Compiled Orbiter Idea

    I think that people around here are willing to welcome any level of science or fiction. If you make it, then people will probably use it. I wouldn't expect DGIV-level popularity, but I think that any high quality addons are always in demand.
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    Question live atc radio mfd?

    Not to my knowledge.
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    Hello from Germany!

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    News Air Asia flight QZ8501 missing

    TV here just confirmed that they have found wreckage.
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    How big should Orbiter be?

    Given that my current orbiter install is 60MB (textures included), I am probably not the best person to answer this question... My real question is what the minimum size of an orbiter install would be. I know that the graphics are really what takes up room, so I am more inclined to ask what...
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    Amazed new Minnesota Member

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    I made this "2D Orbiter" at a game jam (also, it's open-source)

    The site is down. You ran out of CPU.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    It's quite easy to start them, judging by the number I have started. However, it may be somewhat more difficult to finish...
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    Humor Funniest Orbiter moments (with screenies, if possible) :D

    This + UCGO Container + XR-Cargo Wrapper (optional) + 1 free cargo slot = doomsday machine. ---------------------------------------------------- I actually tried something like this, but instead of spawning space ants, I rigged cargoes to spawn XR2s when they landed. I was flying an XR-5...