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  1. iam_inorbit

    Going to ISS.

    Hi Guys, I am Back at Orbiter Fourm, Before I went at Huntsville,Alabama (USA) For Nasa Space Camp and Now i am in Mumbai, India. and In India I went to ShriHarikota space center. and Now I am planning to go to Russia for some space center visits. Now in india, I am Going to Iss (Not in...
  2. iam_inorbit

    when to kill thrust

    hi, after doing normal and AN burn when it shows kill thrust should i return to kill rot autopilot.
  3. iam_inorbit

    Software earth l10 hangs

    I have downloaded Earth L10 addon from orbithangar. I hangs a lot, i have a core2duo,1gb ram,160 hd and all..., what will help me, i want to keep this addon it is cool.
  4. iam_inorbit

    achieving a orbit

    after achieving a perfect circle orbit, can i start deorbit burn to land, or i should orbit.
  5. iam_inorbit

    two addons at one time

    I want to ask is can i install shuttle fleet 4.0.1 , space shuttle ultra & space shuttle atlantis 3.8.5 in one orbiter.
  6. iam_inorbit

    Where will i Get Deorbit playback or addons.

    Hi, I am looking for deorbiting playback of space shuttle or deltaglider. i got lots at orbithangar but they all requires Atlantis 3.8.5 Space Shuttle (latest release) or DeltagliderIII. I have installed Shuttle fleet 4.0.1 , whenever i open these playbacks in my orbiter, Error occurs...
  7. iam_inorbit

    Search Base Sync MFD.

    Hi, i need Base sync mfd. where can i get this mfd.:coffee: i also need reentry mfd.
  8. iam_inorbit

    OMS-2 burn.

    Hi, I am having Trouble Orbiting Earth. Some people here, said that "I need to circularize orbit, which requires a second burn (called an OMS-2 burn) on the other side of the planet from your launch site. Can anyone tell me how should i orbit. Or give me link to any tutorial/Playback which can...
  9. iam_inorbit

    Is there any X-15?

    I am looking for x-15 in orbiter. Where can i get this addon.
  10. iam_inorbit

    How to make a rocket that flies.

    I have already created a model space shuttle, But now i am thinking to make a rocket which flies. what things should it require.
  11. iam_inorbit

    Question How to Take off shuttle Manually.

    How to launch shuttle manually without any advanced autopilots. i have tried a tutorial but i am still unable to launch it.
  12. iam_inorbit

    Software How to use Blender?

    How to make Animations in blender or anim8or
  13. iam_inorbit

    Question How to Run a Full Apollo 11 mission.

    how to run a full apollo 11 mission. which addons will be required. which MFD will be used etc. Where can i Find SATURN V rocket with CS & LEM.
  14. iam_inorbit

    Problem Shuttle Fleet Problem.

    I Have Recently Installed Shuttle Fleet v4.0.1, Iss Fleet v2.1.0, Sts Expansion Pack v4.0.1, Nasa Aircraft Fleet v4.0.1. In Same Order. Whenever i Start Shuttle fleet scenerio eg. discovery launch. As i Press the launch button. shuttle turns and starts climbing automatically. i want to...
  15. iam_inorbit

    How to Create Orbiter Addons?

    Since i am New Here. I want to know that How Can i Create My own Addons. Can anyone help me. please.