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    Problem BaseSync Shifts base location 90 degrees West

    In the following I brought up base sync about 100 degrees longitude after passing canaveral, the first screen shot shows my green line about 100 degrees counter clockwise from the base's yellow line. a few minutes later sim time, basesync suddenly shifts the base location about 90 degrees...
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    IMFD Map view stopped working right

    I've been using it just fine with AMSO for several years, and several months with the current install. All of a sudden the map no longer shows the moon at the position it will be at intercept, and the planned track, as well as the actual track after the burn, bend back to intercept the moon at...
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    Problem Playback of Recorded Scenario stops

    While playing back recorded scenarios with the Velcro Atlas V, the Playback stops at around 140 seconds after launch. The rocket keeps flying, and I can take over the controls, but the "Replay" message on the screen disappears and it no longer updates the position and rotation of the vessel...
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    General Question Payload Support Stuctures

    Has anyone considered making or already made payload support structures for vertical launch boosters? Even just the meshes for various sizes and shapes of upper stages to mate with the satellite or probe being launched. They could be easily configured as a Velcro part* and added to the stack...
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    Advanced Question Inertial vs Surface Reference for Navigation

    I've been experimenting with suborbital "atmosphere skipping" ballistic flights in the XR-2, starting the "glide" at around 55-75 km altitude, and Mach 15-20. One thing that I quickly found out was that while the Map Mfd and HUD give the surface based great circle bearing to the targeted base...