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  1. ACH0002

    numerical ID of my account

    Hello, maybe this is a stupid question, but Orbit Hangar want the numerical ID of my account. But where can I find this ID? Thank you!
  2. ACH0002

    Question D3D9Client Lost Device

    Hello, I'm using Orbiter 160828 and have problems with the D3D9Client. Very often when flying the XR2, I will get a crach and will see that little window: D3D9Client Lost Device Connection to Direct3DDevice is lost Exit the simulation with Ctrl+Q and restart. Alt-Taping not supported in atrue...
  3. ACH0002

    Graph of the docking ports of the ISS

    Hello, I'm looking for a graph of the docking ports of the ISS. Does anyone know anything about it? Thank you and best regards Norbert
  4. ACH0002


    Hello, I just have installed Orbiter 2016. I never have had trouble with older versions. But now I very often get the message: "OptimFROG.dll not found" Any idea? Thank you and best regards Norbert