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  1. Henobic Theosapien

    Orbiter wish list

    Better center of gravity model for Pluto-Charon like system. And.., Some AIs controlled ships or objects (or even PEOPLE!!) would make the orbiter world a bit alife..:thumbup: (Sometimes it feels scary to live (not literally, hahaha :lol: ) in the very silent orbiter world :shifty: )
  2. Henobic Theosapien

    OHM The Ecosphere

    Really??? ---------- Post added at 04:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:41 PM ---------- Phew? Okay.., my fault. I did forgot to insert that Titan surface tile... I'll add it immediately, By the way, here is the missing surface tile download link...
  3. Henobic Theosapien

    Request Alien-Shaped UMmu

    Originally Posted by gattispilot: Once you have a mesh then it is easy. I did a couple of Cylons from Battlestar Galactia and Silent Running drones. That's right! After we have a mesh, then it is easy! After modified default UMmu Mesh, I've create several humanoid aliens, most of them is just...
  4. Henobic Theosapien

    Request Alien-Shaped UMmu

    I spell his as "Darth Maul"....
  5. Henobic Theosapien

    Request Alien-Shaped UMmu

    Hello, guys? So, anyone here can help me???
  6. Henobic Theosapien

    What kind of add-on do you think would change Orbiter forever?

    If Orbiter can define multiple star and other object such as Cluster, galaxy, just like Celestia.... If Orbiter have collision detection, celestial body collision detect, such as Meteorite Collision effect.... If orbiter have star's livetime, so, on the time, can create Supernova that destroy...
  7. Henobic Theosapien

    Request Alien-Shaped UMmu

    Uhm, yeah, I think so.... If I have a mesh.... But the problem is I haven't any mesh.... And I have very poor meshing experience.... So, anyone can help me? :sos::sos::sos::sos:
  8. Henobic Theosapien

    Request Alien-Shaped UMmu

    Well, with the UMmu, Orbiter starting to look more realistic.... But, when we start using UMmu in other systems (other than sol system), I started thinking about the existence of other life forms in Orbiter (such as aliens, animals, etc., etc.) I think we can start with simple things, like an...
  9. Henobic Theosapien

    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    Actually, I've caught myself doing this too.... (I also found myself trying to hit T while I'm waiting for something ...) :rofl:
  10. Henobic Theosapien

    Is a suited astronaut on EVA a spacecraft?

    Actualy, the suit itself is a spacecraft, because it using Live Support System, Fuel, Manauvering System, and other kind that are similiar with a spacecraft, but, of course, it cannot deorbiting itself, or don't have main thruster, it just RCS as thruster.
  11. Henobic Theosapien

    Tell us about yourself!

    Uhm, hello all. :hmm: My real name is Hendrik Lie, I live in a beautiful country, Indonesia. ;) Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago, is located in Southeast Asia. :probe: I am new in the Orbiter, only about six months and more using the Orbiter. I really like the Orbiter. Until finally...