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  1. d2k

    Problem Orbiter crashes when switching ships with F3

    My Orbiter installation crashes when switching ships with F3. Recently I installed the both Stargate Ships SGU and Manifest. As far as I can recall I only installed one thing more: A level 14 Earth Texture. To be more detailed on this, something I installed wanted to replace other stuff which...
  2. d2k

    Project Introducing WIP Universal Cargo Box

    Oh heres another cargo topic :jiggy: WIP WIP WIP UniCargoBox By: AllMightyBruceUniTech2K Both did some thinking and combined lots of knowledge on transportation related topics. d2k drawed like a kid, made some 3D preview mesh and still seeks the perfect look (industrial design should look...
  3. d2k

    Question Adding detail to cargos? Bump-Maps?

    2D is boring, Orbiter evolves. :cool: Ahh, right now I can't recall how the game industry calls Bumpmaps? :blink: Would Bump-Mapping make sense, e.g. FPS? I could automate the image exportation process so it could be applied to my cargos. What do you think? Any recommendations?
  4. d2k

    About me

    Hi it's me again, 2K. It seems my greatest talent is to inspire people. At least many people say this to me in real and virtual life. Now quote me on that Yay! ;) I try to keep things clean and simple and well structured but this doesn't seem to be easy for me. Said simple: You might already...
  5. d2k

    Project High-Tech Boxes Cargos Containers + whatever

    Headlines: UniTech2K stated: Everything that could be 3D printed might be kicked out of the supply chain since it could be "crafted onboard". --- Breaking News: UniTech2K's CEO 2K said: sorry, I talk too much. --- Market News: Sunlight Products and unihealth Corp. stated: We had a major problem...
  6. d2k

    Project Shields (non-sci-fi-ones)

    O-F Staff note: Thread moved to Add-on developement as project is active. Unlike Sci-fi some real science spaceship shield system would even be more awesome looking, forget about bubbles or impact effects. Remember NASA's sheduled/cancelled manned flight to Mars? Well, originally they planned...
  7. d2k

    Request Arrow Freighter "Black Star" clean skin template

    I would like to ask for a clean template of the Arrow Black Star skin. I really like how the ship looks old, scratched and rusty/burned. Now I would like to use a version without the text "Black Star" + no labels at all. I tried to do it myself and overpainted them but this took me hours and...
  8. d2k

    New Release Food Diversity Pack (70+ food containers for transportation and consumation)

    Description: A matter of taste – Take your favorite foods with you, have 'em all on board! Introducing the Refrigerated Box MkIII – Invented by Sunlight Products, packaged with the help of unihealth Corporation and UCGO. This cargos are consumable and can be mounted onto an Arrow Freighter. The...
  9. d2k

    Project Preview – TransportFood: UCGO Refrigerator Box MkIII Food Diversity Pack

    Hello world, I'm d2k, a Skinner and Modder and I'm a former Art Director. More important: I'm an Orbiter fan. This is my first post. I've been reading this forum for years. Finaly I can contribute something in the place to be or at least I'm close to give something back to the ever developing...