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  1. sitha241

    Random astropicture thread

    Aurora from plane above greenland! I was flying from Canada to Europe and during night saw aurora borealis! Bad pictures, took them with phone but it was magnificent!
  2. sitha241

    News The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead

    That battery inside phone can blast hard, more so if it is fully charged. When I was in uni I worked part time in cell repair shop, and once my boss slaped iphone 4 on its back in effort to fit back panel and it caught fire, we had to evacuate for one hour until it was safe to go back. And damn...
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    Update Guide for Orbiter BETA

    Hi you have video on yt were david from forum here explained nice what you have to do to install and start using beta.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    True that :) I have s4 and I did not root it or flashed it for nearly a year..then one day I was filming timelapse with it on my window on 9 floor and left it for 30 sec and wind blew it..It shattered then I had to replace whole screen and housing and then I rooted it and instaled cm 12 aka...
  5. sitha241

    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Tnx :)
  6. sitha241

    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Hi Kamaz could you sent me that beta version to test?tnx for this!
  7. sitha241

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I have been away from Orbiter for some time (life stuff) and week ago I installed 2015 version and d3d9 and it is awesome! Anyway since I have 2 7" tablets I installed VNC MFD (yes It works in 2015 I can confirm) and enjoyed some nice view of earth :) Tnx kamaz for addon! :tiphat:
  8. sitha241

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I am sorry to bother here..I searched but cant find..I used to have 3d in orbiter but that was long ago when I experimented with that and I cant remember did I use d3d9 or ogla for that..anyway I see there is option for stereoscopic 3d in settings but I dont know how to activate it..I have those...
  9. sitha241

    Frustration is real....

    It is because in comp shops work people who have little or no skill in computers or electronics.. In my town out of all repair shops I can maybe count few of workers who know how to get the job done right way..
  10. sitha241

    Frustration is real....

    I work part time in repair shop and I usualy try all but reinstaling windows.. For my self I keep orbiter and important stuff on different hard disk in pc..
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    Launch News Orion EFT-1 Update thread

    Would like to see reentry video from inside orion.. I saw few videos from soyuz and it looks awesome.
  12. sitha241

    New Orbiter development screenshots

    Well it looks I have to save some money and buy new pc :)
  13. sitha241

    3d printed spacecraft models

    I would like one day print giant modular iss and paint it also modular saturn 5 but that would take weeks to print :D
  14. sitha241

    3d printed spacecraft models

    I could print some of those (and would really like to have them on my desk, but I do not know can I print them without consent of peps that modeled them.. A lot of models from Orbiter looks awesome :)
  15. sitha241

    3d printed spacecraft models

    Hi! Recently I got my hands on 3d printer and it made me think why not to print some spacecraft.. Here are some of them..
  16. sitha241

    HD Images live from ISS!

    Hi kamaz :) nice work..could it be posible for you or someone from forum to create some kind of simple app for android with this features? :)
  17. sitha241

    Hardware Logitech Extreme 3D Joystick $19.99 on Amazon

    I use Logitech Attack3 and I dont use it just for atmo-flight but all the time in orbit... I programed some keys on it to serve for translation so it is just matter of switching rot-lin switch on my custom panel for orbiter :) These days I got my eye on saitek x52 but here in croatia it is...
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    General Question What's the Deal with Orbiter Development?

    Whoa xyon that means you earn in hour almost third of what I earn in month :blink:
  19. sitha241

    Higher Education Experience

    I finished 3 years of physics than decided that I dont want to leave country to work in my field and teaching in highschool was not an option, and now I enroled in electrical engineering since I already work student job repairing mobile phones and computers.. :cool:
  20. sitha241

    Internet Video Thread The Dream Is Alive I found it in HD..worth to watch..