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  1. sitha241

    3d printed spacecraft models

    Hi! Recently I got my hands on 3d printer and it made me think why not to print some spacecraft.. Here are some of them..
  2. sitha241

    Question Can I go in centrifuge?

    This is question for real pilots here, but anyone with some knowledge is welcome to give me some tips. So, I am likely to go to train for suborbital flight this summer in Hungary and then in America in december :hailprobe: But I have problem- I wear contact lens and I am not sure I can go in...
  3. sitha241

    AGI softweare

    So I ran into this piece of beauty and I plan to download it tomorow.. Anyone have experience with this? Apparently pro space companies use this to simulate things..
  4. sitha241

    How to download satellite pictures of earth for under 50$

    Hello! Me and my friend built rig to get pictures from NOAA satelites.. If you have some spare money and time you can do it too :) Here are example of pictures and youtube tutorial my friend made on how to do it... Enjoy!
  5. sitha241

    AXE Apollo Space Academy

    Axe is sending 22 men in space via Lynx spacecraft.. So if you are over 18 and speak english good you can go! :thumbup: And if it is not problem you can vote for me so I can pass national selection :) just click on 'GLASAJ' near my name...
  6. sitha241

    General Question Night lights on Earth Found this on internet and I was wondering is there any planed improvement of that in orbiter? And is this data public?
  7. sitha241

    Question Shuttle on pad 39A on google maps

    As tittle says..what do you think witch shuttle is on pad? Logo on picture says it is from 2011 and all missions lifted off from that pad that year if I am not witch one it is? :cheers:
  8. sitha241

    Keyboard turned into panel with switches

    I had free time and wanted to have some panel with real switches..this is what my friend and I have done after 5 h of work and for 30 € We have done this just for concept..we plan to build simpit next summer if time and money allows :cheers:
  9. sitha241

    'Orbiter' keyboard

    I wanted nice keyboard with stickers on it..I puled under the bed one keyboard and started working..after one hour and half job done I got excited and wanted to try it..only to realize that keyboard is not working anymore :( I'l try again with one that works :)
  10. sitha241

    Question What are you doing this summer?

    What are you doing this summer?If you are planing where are you will go to spent your free time? :) I will spent time on beach, some on orbiter and learning to develop models and meshes for my android project..and of course studying for exams after summer :uhh:
  11. sitha241

    Search Space shuttle model in collada, stl, obj or blender format?

    I did not know where to put this request so here it is...I have great AR app on android and it is possible to put external mesh in it.. Guy on dev page told me this ''You need to have a model in one of those formats : collada, stl, obj or blender'' is there a good soul with model of space...
  12. sitha241

    Richard Garriott ''Man on a Mission''

    I watched it today and it is fine documentary..since I think there is not a lot of movies and documentaries about roskosmos, russia, soviet space program and especially soyuz spacecraft this is nice one..nice shot of reentry from within the spacecraft with quality cam is rare also I think :)
  13. sitha241

    Hardware Keybinding for Logitech Attack 3 Joystick

    Does anyone knows softweare that allows to make my joystick (logitech attack 3) to use buttons on it to serve to example control spacecraft in translation and extra things?
  14. sitha241

    Software Aerodynamic Simulation software

    Any sugestions on any free air flow software that allows inporting 3D objects and testing air resistance on difirent conditions? :)
  15. sitha241

    Hello :)

    Hello I am not so new to orbiter but new to forum..I run into some pc magazine's cd containing orbiter instalation few years ago..since I wanted to become an astronaut since I was little I was wery into it..but because lack of internet at my home I was not aware of this site..Now I am studying...