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  1. Nicholas Kang

    Resolved Orbiter Download Mirror 1 - Certificate has expired, Mirror 2&3 redirects to GoDaddy

    @Xyon Hi all, I encounter issues with the first mirror. Clicking on any link (http/torrent) would result in the following error. Mirror 2 and 3 are not working too. Only Doug's Altea Aerospace server seems to run fine. @dbeachy1 could you consider hosting the high-res Mercury texture, the...
  2. Nicholas Kang

    OHM VesselM Pack: Historical Spaceports, R-9, First in Space, Vostok, Soyuz, Proton, Collectors

    @igel Just to let you know, for the FiS static exhibition scenario file, you wrongly reference the location of the config file for the "traveler" vessel. It should be Spaceports/_baser rather than FiS\_baser. The original scenario keep CTD until I realize that. You might want to update...
  3. Nicholas Kang

    New Release Extended Map MFD

    Thanks, asbjos! That's quite fast. The markers work well for me. In fact, I just realized that your Map MFD can actually display projections of vessels orbiting Earth onto the Moon's map. Doesn't makes a lot of sense for practical usage, but nevertheless, pretty impressive feat. Nice work!
  4. Nicholas Kang

    New Release Extended Map MFD

    Thanks, One thing to note. If possible, consider implement the surface feature label on your MFD with an option for the user to store the default setting, perhaps in a config file (say I want to see only craters name but not the maria's name or some users want to load all the surface labels by...
  5. Nicholas Kang

    New Release Extended Map MFD

    Do you plan to include surface features names like crater's and valley's names in your map MFD in future releases? It's a bit tedious to switch back and forth between the extended Map MFD and the "original" Map MFD to look at the surface features near my vessel. Also a topographic map integrated...
  6. Nicholas Kang

    OHM Vessel Load MFD

    No problem. Thanks for the reply. Your MFDs are very nice.
  7. Nicholas Kang

    OHM Vessel Load MFD

    Thanks. Another observation. The MFD seems to be vessel-independent. Say if I switch my camera view from a rocket stage that is still burning/accelerating to a spent/jettisoned stage and back to the accelerating stage, the MFD would show a "dip" in the graph suggesting that there is a period...
  8. Nicholas Kang

    OHM Vessel Load MFD

    @asbjos Could you verify that you have replaced the dll on OH with the newer one tested by Brian and fatcat? For your info, I downloaded the original add-on on OH and the MFD still won't appear. I still need to download the replacement dll available here on OF.
  9. Nicholas Kang

    Updates NASA OSIRIS-REx New Frontiers Mission Updates

    NASA: OSIRIS-REx Swoops Over Sample Site Osprey
  10. Nicholas Kang

    News FAILURE: Virgin Orbit LaunchOne Orbital Test Flight 25th May 2020

    They shall return next time! Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne rocket ignites its first stage engine seconds after release from the Boeing 747 aircraft that ferried it to the drop zone. The engine shut down a "handful of seconds" later, causing the launch to fail. Credit: Virgin Orbit Cosmic Girl's...
  11. Nicholas Kang

    Launch News SpaceX DM-2 Launch Scheduled for May 27!

    Rocket rolled out. SpaceX is targeting a 4:33pm EDT (2033 GMT) T-0 for the static fire Friday, the same time as liftoff May 27. View of Dragon mated to the rocket. Launch Readiness review
  12. Nicholas Kang

    Launch News ULA Atlas V 501 - USSF-7 to Launch X-37B OTV 6 (0914 EDT May 17, 2020)

    The X-37B is off for another "secretive" mission. |Mission Patch Source: ULA |X-37B inside the payload fairing, April 2020 Source: United Space Space Force (USSF) Launch Profile: Live Webcast: Mission Overview is available here...
  13. Nicholas Kang

    Launch News China Successfully Launches New Generation Crew Spacecraft Atop CZ-5B 5/5/20 1000 UTC

    Unfortunately, I couldn't obtain any information regarding this. But I suppose they should be able to get basic in-capsule physical parameters like temperature, ambient pressure etc. They did confirm that they conducted several experiments. One notable one was a 3D printing done in-orbit for...
  14. Nicholas Kang

    Launch News China Successfully Launches New Generation Crew Spacecraft Atop CZ-5B 5/5/20 1000 UTC

    She landed yesterday! Source:,
  15. Nicholas Kang

    Launch News China Successfully Launches New Generation Crew Spacecraft Atop CZ-5B 5/5/20 1000 UTC

    Unfortunately, the flexible inflatable cargo return module experienced an anomaly during the return trip to Earth. Experts are analyzing the data. The crew capsule is otherwise in good shape! Source:, China Manned Spaceflight (media statement in Chinese)
  16. Nicholas Kang

    General Question A couple of graphics issues.

    Hi. Welcome back. I can help out for this question. Refer to the link above, the fuel gauge is coded to refer to the scram fuel, not the main tank fuel. I have the same question as yours in the past. You can consider using...
  17. Nicholas Kang

    Launch News China Successfully Launches New Generation Crew Spacecraft Atop CZ-5B 5/5/20 1000 UTC

    Haven't heard some Chinese launches for quite some time. Here's one today. An important one. Full webcast (In Chinese, let me know if you need translation :P): About the New Generation Space Capsule: The Prototype Next Generation Chinese Crew Space Capsule Docking port for the...
  18. Nicholas Kang

    Updates NASA Galileo Mission News

    Newly Reprocessed Images of Europa Show 'Chaos Terrain' in Crisp Detail The surface of Jupiter's moon Europa features a widely varied landscape, including ridges, bands, small rounded domes and disrupted spaces that geologists call "chaos terrain." Three newly reprocessed images, taken by...
  19. Nicholas Kang

    News Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Completes First Flight From Spaceport America

    She made it solo over New Mexico! Virgin Galactic Article: Virgin Galactic on Twitter: "Watch SpaceShipTwo Unity fly freely in New Mexico airspace for the first time...
  20. Nicholas Kang

    Updates Artemis Program Updates & Discussions

    Not sure what are all of your thoughts, do you guys plan to make this a discussion and update thread? If this is the case, I will update the thread title to better reflect this. Anyway, here is the complete news: Press release...