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  1. GuiConteDGIV2X

    OMP Support

    I'm getting this problem too.I can successfully play the OMP for a few secs but when it's full synced i get a CTD, as Face said he will not going to debug it too soon.So any suggestions?
  2. GuiConteDGIV2X

    Gaming Any IL-2 Sturmovik fans?

    I brought a IL2:1946 copy recently and i gotta say it blows many other sims away. Previously i has testing the original IL2 demo.And even as a demo it is far better than F-22 Lighting 3, a game released 2 years before IL2 and i brought it 2 years ago. Also how do i select to take-off from...
  3. GuiConteDGIV2X

    My daughter's XR2 and XR5 repaints

    Nice one, those skins are most interesting than most of those repaints at the OH.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Hi, i recently brought a new Personal Computer which is basically a core i7, Intel HD Graphics 3000(Supports DX11), And a Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition. I can't load Orbiter with the recent D3D9 Release Candidate 39 version.It causes a CTD. Orbiter seems to crash while loading...


  7. GuiConteDGIV2X

    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    I guess it's imposssible.Very few games are from the INDY games developers. And games are from big gaming industries(such as Ubisoft or Valve itself.)
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    Internet NORAD tracking Santa

    Nope, Santa used Infra red flares and evaded the missle. BTW Santa just delived the presents to the Cape canaveral. Santa delived 1.612.933.871 out of + Good night to you and for santa. :P
  9. GuiConteDGIV2X

    Internet NORAD tracking Santa

    Check if Santa already came to you city at this interesting app Current trajectory is East Australia -->Oceania islands-->Japan-->West Australia-->China-->Russia nad India-->Pakistan.
  10. GuiConteDGIV2X

    Question What did you do this year for your or the O-F community?

    I burned many minions on the XR2 when i has trying to do a direct reentry from moon.
  11. GuiConteDGIV2X

    Comment by 'GuiConteDGIV2X' in media 'screenshot1'

    Saturn V with 4 Solid Rocket Boosters.
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    XR2 staff photo after another sucessful mission.
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    Software Orbiter 2011 Beta don't launching

    It worked, Thanks for you great support and warmest wishes!
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  17. GuiConteDGIV2X

    Software Orbiter 2011 Beta don't launching

    As i already said i tried both ways(From microsoft and from the directory)I din't put the file in the Install folder, it came with the beta conversion patch. Maybe some screenshots can help you. This is the error menssage.
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  20. GuiConteDGIV2X

    Software Orbiter 2011 Beta don't launching

    1.There was still the Install subdirectory and the file for the installation test. 2.I tested both the microsoft and one that comes in the Install subdirectory. 3.And yes it's 111105.