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  1. Frost

    Spacecraft Arrow Freighter for Orbiter2016. Merry Christmas!

    I'm still getting the CTDT bug even after installing per dgatsoulis's directions both with and without the Xr ship, sound and bridge. I've even updated my DirectX runtime. Could I be missing any other components such as .Net or C++?
  2. Frost

    Question XR2 - changing pilots?

    I just hop over into the Plt seat simply because that's the station I see myself in. + you get a better view of the HUD. It's your ship regardless.
  3. Frost

    OHM Velcro Drop tanks for the XR2 RavenStar (Fixed)

    Must be another mod more sensitive to stress on the gears. ---------- Post added at 08:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:14 AM ---------- Thanks for the heads up Ripley. The link now goes to the Altea download page. ---------- Post added at 08:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at...
  4. Frost

    Velcro Drop tanks for the XR2 RavenStar (Fixed) 2015-04-22

    3x 500 Gallon & 2x 1,000 Gallon fuel tanks for the XR2 to ascend above 20 km and accelerate to at least Mach 3 for scram engine cruise up to mach 20. Then back over to the main liquid fueled rocket engines for orbit. These Fuel tanks are part of Sputnik's Velcro Rockets v1.11 A Config...
  5. Frost

    OHM Deltaglider EX

    Power solution The plasma drive if realistic proves you can get a shuttle into deep space. this is good for hopping moons. But the sheer weight of any winged vehicle means its better suited for surface to LEO, maybe even geostationary. Therefore my suggestion would be to replace the plasma...
  6. Frost

    OHM Skylon C2 UCD 1.1

    It seems I'm the only one who's really figured it out. The SABRE engine is great for getting up to Mach 5, and a the X-43 can hit Mach 10 without LOX and without cooling. Combined the two systems and the only rocket you will need is the OMS. The two systems are perfect together. Heck! J-58...
  7. Frost

    OHM Skylon C2 UCD 1.1

    ISP Suggestion I thought would would want a more accurate ISP if the two vessels can be different. Remember the LOX tanks are not for jet mode, however a later version could do with a scramjet instead of rockets. Skylon Specs...
  8. Frost

    Update Arrow Freighter version 2012 updated (screenshots)

    UCGO food water and o2 reserves number crunching I've worked out some durations on UCGO provisions in kilograms even though NASA references the daily allowances in lbs. If your interested in this. I have posted my findings on Dan's forum...
  9. Frost

    Project Brighton Base 2011: An Upgrade to Orbiter's Brighton Beach

    If you want one, you might have to wait--I have to ask permission from Steve Tyler if it's possible to release (or package with Brighton) a tweaked version of his meshes/textures. -RODION Great job on the color, but if it's annika hansen your going for, she still needs some wire frame work.
  10. Frost

    OHM UCGO Cargo Warehouse

    I Like it. especially with your XR5 and XR2 platforms. you do some really nice stuff.:thumbup: If I could just apply interior textures and loose the door or simply slap the face of it onto a bigger building as not to have the exterior in the way. It's not just cut and paste, is it?:beathead:
  11. Frost

    News DeltagliderEX

    Make sure your Windows service packs and .net framework are up to date. its pretty new C++ code
  12. Frost

    News DeltagliderEX

    That JupiterIII-X looks like it could use more surface area. Just a few degrees +/- of aoa could flip it vertically into a spiral. So I'de just velcro the srb's directly onto the fuselage of this "jet". I hope you approve of this Schimz.