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    Rant Disrepect to Probe!!!

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    Poll Gimp or Photoshop?

    I'm curious to know whether Gimp if more popular than Photoshop or vice versa.
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    Question How do you make a night light texture with color?

    I'd like all that lava to be visible at night,but i dont know to get there. Can anyone help?
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    General Question How do i make a good cloud map?

    I have a planet that could use some clouds, i know how to make clouds, but they are anything but realistic, so im wonderin if anyone that has experience with cloud making could teach me their ways.
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    Humor Ways to kill a UMMU

    I strapped a Saturn V to one of my ummus, and for some reason he nose dived into the dirt, fired a unsuited ummu out of the harp gun and he turned into a lumpy rock, strapped a JATO to a ummu and he spun around doing inverted loops, i guess the G's would've ripped his body to pieces, there's...
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    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    Are they going to add ejection seats?
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    Hardware Will FSX run on windows 7?

    Thanks, and speaking of new laptops i have it right now with 3 gigs of ram.
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    OHM Pluto and Moons

    This one looks good.
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    Hardware Will FSX run on windows 7?

    I may be getting a new laptop within a month or so and I'm not sure if there are xp and vista laptops in mass quantity so i assumed that i will be getting 7. I have FSX but can't use it on my computer due to the poor thing being way out of the requirements. So does anyone know if 7 can run FSX?
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    Poll Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, or hotdogs?

    For me, cheeseburgers. Yum!
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    Any way to use the mouse as a joystick?

    Not that i know of, i just use 123456 for flight control.
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    General Question how to have my lava lakes light up at night.

    So i just finished a land mask and bitmap of a planet and i wanted the lava on its surface to glow at night, but when i was done with pltex it turns out that the bin file wasn't 1 kilobyte and the land mask for the bin was 0 bytes. How is this so and how can i get it to work?
  14. The desert moon,  Devoidus I

    The desert moon, Devoidus I

  15. My new planet, Devoidus

    My new planet, Devoidus

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    Does anyone remember the K-345 chosen addon?

    I once downloaded it and it was so cool, but one day i deleted orbiter to conserve space for more halo ce maps. Then when i was through with halo ce i went back to orbiter, downloaded the addons i needed and i noticed that k-345 wasn't on orbithangar anymore. Does anyone have a clue where it...
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    Question How do I upload an addon to orbithangar

    Do you have an account for orbithangar? If so, then there is a upload addon button. It's below orbiter addons, just click on the my account button,then where it says account pages, you will find upload addon.
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    Can the ucgo nuke's explosive yield be altered?

    Don't get me wrong, i like the nuke, but i just wondered if it could produce a bigger boom. For some reason now, i kinda feel sorry that i asked.
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    Can the ucgo nuke's explosive yield be altered?

    Imagine it being from 1MT to 100MT or more.
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    OHM Relativistic Warp MFD 1.5

    I love this thing!