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  1. dougkeenan

    Orbiter is now open source

    Thank you for all your good work.
  2. dougkeenan

    Updates ISS UPDATES

    "Good news is that the configuration keeps it tight. The bad news is that it's going to be tight."
  3. dougkeenan

    Request The Phoenix from star trek First Contact

    Trying the Phoenix mod is the same as red letter search function? Your point eludes me.
  4. dougkeenan

    News (Inspiration Mars) Dennis Tito Wants to Send Human Mission to Mars in 2018

    Biospherians involved. Are they on the candidate list for going?
  5. dougkeenan

    Meteoroid explosion in Russia

    Thanks! Link?
  6. dougkeenan

    R.I.P. Gerry Anderson

    Thank you very much.
  7. dougkeenan

    ISS LED Light on Kickstarter

    Can do, captain! :) If you'd like some other text than "ISS" on the front please let me know. Got all the clear pieces done but the black pieces need to be cut/engraved.
  8. dougkeenan

    ISS LED Light on Kickstarter

    art for the Orbiter option
  9. preflight inspection

    preflight inspection

  10. dougkeenan

    ISS LED Light on Kickstarter

    The light "leaks" from the clear acrylic. Here's an owl made for the wife at Christmas: Compare that with the special edition ISS ... the black doesn't allow the light to escape anywhere except out the front.
  11. dougkeenan

    ISS LED Light on Kickstarter

    Thanks!! The dual-color/black unit would be about $50 (40+10 shipping) due to the increased parts cost. Would you like me to add it as an option? Backers can adjust their level if you have already committed. There's also the "Orbiter" option discussed above also, let me know if you'd like a...
  12. dougkeenan

    ISS LED Light on Kickstarter

    Super! Looks way cool in blue. This might provide some idea -> Splurged on one unit, used expensive black acrylic and two LED strings.
  13. dougkeenan

    Flight Question How can i accelerate to high speeds?

    AGMFD, it was made for that
  14. dougkeenan

    ISS LED Light on Kickstarter

    Feel free. :) Mention Orbiter for a few options unoffered at KS: choice of color, choice of front panel text, etc. Heh maybe I'll throw in a docked-DG version for an "Orbiter" version of the light.
  15. dougkeenan

    ISS LED Light on Kickstarter

    Made this ISS light and it took off on Kickstarter. Hit my goal so now effort shifts to production!
  16. dougkeenan

    News Neil has passed away

    I did one. Blew the dust off some rusty lunar transfer skills, good time for meditation. Thank Orbiter for even a little tiny taste of what Armstrong's flight was like.
  17. dougkeenan

    News Neil has passed away

    A great man, like all of them.
  18. dougkeenan

    New Rush album! Clockwork Angels

    in case it got overlooked