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    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    Does the Patcher not work anymore?
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    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    Woo! Nice work, Harv and Co! Here's to a great release and many more to come. :) Hail Probe! :hailprobe:
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    Humor HAIL PROBE!!!!!

    Hail probe! :) :hail::probe:
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    High school math.

    This advice is also true of most worth-while engineering programs in the United States. Be ready to work hard. :)
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Luckily for MS, Minecraft's blocky, colorful theme fits in great with Windows 8... :dry:
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    Gaming Space Engineers (now in BETA)

    Is the OF server up and running? I was unable to connect to it in View -> Servers in Steam earlier, though I was able to find it by IP.
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    Gaming Space Engineers (now in BETA)

    Does have a server? I'm not a big fan of public servers/games, but I'd be willing to try something out with a group of people who I know won't obliterate my work after I've logged off...
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    Question Career in Astrophysics

    A friend of mine did a B.S. in physics and then went on to complete a M.S. in aerospace engineering. If you find physics isn't working out for you, you can always go to graduate school for engineering. Given that you'd absolutely have to go to graduate school to realistically pursue physics as...
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    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    And with 0.24 just around the corner, now is an excellent time to pick it up!
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    Closest Approach Point Between Two Conics

    Duly noted, thank you! Could you suggest a form of the function to be minimized that would also lend itself to quick minimization? My instinct is to write the problem as a function of the two anomalies (each representing a point on each orbit) and find the pair of anomalies that minimizes the...
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    Closest Approach Point Between Two Conics

    Hi all! I've got a fun orbits question I've been toying with for a few days now, and I've hit something of a wall. I was hoping I might get some insight from you fine folks that might push me in the general direction of the solution. The question is this: given two arbitrary orbits defined by...
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    News Here be Dragons: SpaceX reveals manned Dragon design

    Looks like he borrowed a bit from the Model S, huh? :)
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 with 6 Orbcomm generation 2 satellites, July 14, 2014

    What are the differences between this attempt and what was executed on the previous F9 flight?
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    Gaming Space Engineers (now in BETA)

    Holy moly. :thumbup:
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    Discussion SpaceX's Grasshopper RLV

    Did they attempt to soft land in the ocean?
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    Launch News The Israelis are back! Shavit-II launch with Ofeq-10, April 9, 2014

    We have pictures of an Israeli spy satellite?
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    Constancy of Hubble Constant regarding the dircetion of view

    My understanding is that the Hubble Constant would actually be better called the Hubble Parameter, as it does appear to be constant spatially, but there doesn't appear to be any reason it could not vary with time. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    If you had to find a loophole, maybe you shouldn't be doing it?
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Are you aware that any changes to the world within the boundaries of the city must be approved by the Mayor? I would urge you to get permission before you get banned...
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    Scenario 400MByte add-on

    How are internet speeds in the UP faster than where I'm from? :(