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    Question how to display trajectory of vehicle in the 3D view

    Hi Gargantuna2024, what are the controls to enable it? Following to the txt file, I pressed Alt-I and pressed 0/1, but I didn't see visual changes in the screen.
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    What music are you listening to?

    From 3:00, very beautiful music!
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    OHM Better ISS

    Latest update to NASA's DOUG software ( has the Prichal module. Anyone who's good with DOUG, is it possible to extract the mesh from that? (Both technically and license wise). For those who want to check it out : To download DOUG you need to request access, they give...
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    Question What games are you playing?

    Currently playing Americas Army : Proving Grounds. Its made by the US Army and is a semi-realistic fun multiplayer. Was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 but honestly got bored so stopped :( And of course, Orbiter! After 1.5 years
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    Updates ISS UPDATES

    Spacewalk later today to outfit the Nauka and Pirchal modules - I've only ever seen bits of spacewalk, will try to watch the full spacewalk today.
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    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    I exported a single cylinder to Orbiter and the lighting is all awkward. When I reimported to Blender the geometry was kinda messed up in "edit mode" and lighting was awkward in Blender too. Anyone knows whats hapenning?
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    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    Hey, newbie here and I'm having issues with lighting. Steps to reproduce: Create a cylinder in blender, triangulate it. Convert to mesh using this plugin, create a scenario with it. Launch the cylinder ""rocket"" and start rolling the rocket. Expected - The...