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    OHM Throwback 2001

    oh the good old days. I remeber the 'red brick' that perdates this 2001. Does anyone have that one?
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    Update Deepstar development

    impatiently waiting for Tuesday...
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    Update Deepstar development

    Any chance of a sneak peak at the moon lander? I am happy to do some Beta testing.
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    Update Deepstar development

    I wanted to send you some words of encouragement. I loved the old Deepstar and can't wait for Tuesday.
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    Discussion Orulex revival?

    Orulex revival ? yes please I use it and it seems to work pretty well in 2010 P1. I have still not made the move to D3D like so many- too many addons I use are not compatible. I do have some small stability issues, like orbiter not shutting down cleanly when Orulex is active. I would love an...
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    Project Roskosmos "тайга" Lunar Lander

    What is the link to the latest beta ? The last one in the thread seems to be dead....
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    Hardware What is the best laptop for Orbiter ?

    Sony locks-out downloading drivers direct from nVidia (I will never buy another Sony computer). There is a crack that gets around this, which I tried about a year ago. The updated drive still didn’t solve the problem.
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    Hardware What is the best laptop for Orbiter ?

    Hi Everybody ! I am a longtime orbiter going back to the red brick days. I am seeking general advice. Back in 2009, I bought a Sony Vaio CW-17 FX with a Nvidia Geforce graphics card, just before I went overseas. To make a long story short, there is some sort of bliting problem that has...
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    OHM Doomsday Nebula

    Problem update I had not previously installed either Orbiter Nebula Color Upgrade or the original Orbiter Nebula. I installed "Orbiter Nebula Color Upgrade" over "Doomsday Nebula" overwriting all conflicts. "Doomsday Nebula" now works as advertised. But I think there may still be a problem...
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    OHM Doomsday Nebula

    I am only getting white, no colors.
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    Problem 2D Control Panel Displaying incorrectly.

    I just got a new vaio with a NVIDIA video card (210M) and I have the same problem. Any word for NVIDIA on a fix ?