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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.2 with Dragon CRS-8 April 8 2016

    Found an interesting article on the CNN website about the BEAM being sent up later today... The module will not be open to the station all the time. They're going to have someone enter the module once every three months for a few hours and do tests. I wonder if they will don a spacesuit just...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I used to do taxes as a second job here in the US during "tax season" (January 15-April 15). My last tax return I ever did for the company must have had half of the 69,000 articles applied to it...part of it had to be done in the back because the computers up front didn't have the parts of the...
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    Greetings from San Marino!

    Welcome to the Orbiter Forums! I'll have to look at a map and see where San Marino is. I only have visited Naples in Italy in the 80's, was going to go to Livorno but world events prevented me from doing so. :tiphat:
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.2 with Dragon CRS-8 April 8 2016

    Does it have anything to do with the Progress craft having the computers on board to do automatic-ish docking (since they are very similar to the Soyuz)?
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    News Flydubai flight FZ981 passenger Boeing from Dubai crashes in Rostov-on-Don

    News story from UPI surmises it was pilot error, from preliminary information from the flight recorders. However, it also has a bit near the bottom that says several former and current FlyDubai and Emirates Airlines (parent company) employees have contacted RT (Russia Today) claiming that the...
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    Vessel How much information is needed to create a craft for Orbiter?

    Looking at the thread that listed "low budget TV/Movie craft", I thought of an idea, if someone can do it, of creating some spacecraft from a very interesting book I read in the late 70's, and which I am trying to secure a copy. The book was "Frontiers Of Space" by Philip Bono and Kenneth...
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    Request Spacecraft from several low budget movies

    Since I don't have cable or satellite TV, I have all of the "extra" channels that the local broadcast stations have added (like Antenna TV and MeTV). One that was recently added is Comet, and they were showing the heck out of Starflight One the first 2 weeks we got the channel in our area (like...
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    Programming Question Is there a spacecraft3.dll file newer than the 2006 Version?

    I realized that the version of the "spacecraft3.dll" file I have in my version of Orbiter is the version from 2006, and the link in the Hangar Mods area goes to a dead link (Vinka's webpage is gone). Is this located somewhere in Hangar Mods or on another link site?
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    What music are you listening to?

    There were more songs like that out around that time...if you have a chance, take a look at the movie "Atomic Cafe" has plenty of stuff about the "love affair" the US had with the atomic bomb and associated cultural stuff.
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    Installation Earth1962 version not available for Orbiter 2010?

    Would Orbiter 2006 still be available somewhere? :hmm:
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    Installation Earth1962 version not available for Orbiter 2010?

    I had wanted to try something like the Space Race Complete scenario, but since it requires Earth1962, I guess I will have to delete it. Either that or do another install of Orbiter; I had downloaded some things for Wallops Island and the LADEE mission, but the pad and rocket are invisible and...
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    Installation Earth1962 version not available for Orbiter 2010?

    I've been looking at some of the addons recently, and wanted to try some of the earlier rocket systems, such as in the Mercury and Gemini programs. Their docs states that you have to have Earth1962 installed, but the docs for Earth1962 state that you can only use it with Orbiter 2006 version...
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    LUA List of autopilot scripts already made for various craft?

    I started reading about some of the scenarios and tutorials and looked at the autopilot launch for the shuttle. Are there similar autopilot launch scripts available for other craft (like the Delta Glider) or add-ons?
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    Ascension on SyFy Channel in December

    Wondering if anyone has seen the trailers for this mini-series, or plan to watch it.
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    Question Username origins

    The first part relates to my first "handle" when starting out on the local Commodore BBS's back in the early 1990's. The original one was King's Lead Hat, the name of a Brian Eno song from the late 70's. It eventually got shortened to KLH and then de Hat. The second part...well...if you don't...
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    News Who watched EFT-1?

    I tried to watch online the original attempt day, but the video cut out too much. Then the next day I was off, so I set the DVD recorder and was watching on the NASA TV Roku channel when it choked about t-10 secs. Had to switch to the Ustream channel (private) to see the rest. But I was able...
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    Problem Loss of control of DG Mk IV at high time warp

    I'll have to try that one time... Just did the "landing on the sun" thing again...this time I had a speed of 263 AU per out to about Warp 3.32, based on the warp formula for Star Trek TOS. Here is the pic:
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    News Testing Mars parachutes in outdoor wind tunnels.

    They have to get bigger to get heavier objects to land on Mars (like a manned mission). Another technology they are testing is the HIAD technology (Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator) for return of cargo to Earth and possible use on other planets or moons.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    If you need any chocolate, the Easter candy is likely 50% off or more...
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    Problem Loss of control of DG Mk IV at high time warp

    Just had another experience of wild spinning...but I think it was my fault, or maybe a quirk of the program. I tried to follow the title of a Pink Floyd song from their album "A Saucerful Of Sercrets". Namely, I escaped Earth orbit, got captured by the Sun, and tried to land on it. (Set The...