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    OHM On Station Ops

    Great work!:thumbup:
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    Flight Question Interplanetary Flight

    If you want to try TransX too, make sure to check out Flytandem's tutorials. The new TransX simplifies the process a lot, but I would recommend learning the basics and then switching over to the new one.
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    OHM Lambert MFD

    The CTD's occur with DG scenario provided with the addon. I tried it out with the DG in other scenarios and the MFD worked just fine. On the other hand, the MFD is really good. I'm still getting used to the base time interface. The multi-revolution feature is quite useful. Though the user...
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    OHM Lambert MFD

    I'm getting a CTD every time I go into the maneuver page. ---------- Post added at 09:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:32 AM ---------- The log doesn't say anything either.
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    Any good ephemeris ?

    Can anyone suggest an ephemeris that gives both right ascension and declination values?
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    Flight Question What Is The Minimum Altitude The Chapman Probe Can Aerobrake At On Jupiter?

    I'm not sure, but I think Callisto's orbit is high enough to do that kind of a burn. Some adjusting might have to be done to intercept plan to get the timing right. The Chapman probes are built bare-bones, with little or no heat dissipating systems to cope with kind of a situation. In my...
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    Programming Question Develop add-ons!

    Check out this thread as well.
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    Flight Question What Is The Minimum Altitude The Chapman Probe Can Aerobrake At On Jupiter?

    Aerobraking with the Chapman is highly unrealistic and defeats the purpose of flying it all the way out there. The 2 km/s of delta-v is sufficient to insert it into a high elliptical orbit around Jupiter. If you must aerobrake, a radius of 71000 km around Jupiter will be about the minimum that...
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    Hi again!

    This is the second time that I had to leave this forum. I would like to apologize to everyone taking part in OFSS IV for the serious lapse on my part. It's been such a long time since I even logged on. Sorry again.
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    Things you did while new to Orbiter

    The first craft that I tackled was the space shuttle. I would launch nominally, and would then simply cut off the SSME's after SRB ignition, just to see the shuttle do the loop-a-loop.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Support DGIV Question/maybe problem.

    You have to use the F8 key to toggle the cockpit view first.
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    Might as well say; hello!

    @Abdallah I think you just misquoted me...:facepalm:
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    Question Prograde/Retrograde auto-pilots

    No need to apologize, I'm sure he was just joking around. By the way, was your problem solved after turning off the other modules?
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    Might as well say; hello!

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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Deepstar performs the orbital insertion burn at Titan: Note: Titan's atmosphere gives off an eerie green glow.
  20. Titan orbit insertion

    Titan orbit insertion