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  1. toto76math

    Bug Kulch add-ons don't work for me

    No, I meant their 2016 versions.
  2. toto76math

    Bug Kulch add-ons don't work for me

    Hello everyone. I've tested Kulch Energy project on Orbiter 2016. But the add-on, as well as it's related mods always crashes on Orbiter startup. Do you have any idea why?
  3. toto76math

    Question Project X-15 can work on orbiter 2010 P1 or even 2016?

    I've tested it with Orbiter 2010 and it works nicely. For 2016, I don't know.
  4. toto76math

    OHM DarkEnergy Spaceplane

    OK. Thanks. Because I'm very impressed with your Dark Energy add-ons. I'm even designing a multi-day lunar exploration mission using LWLL mod. (I would like to use it's Hab module for supporting astronauts during a 3 day mission, like Apollos 15 through 17.)
  5. toto76math

    STS_Payloads Patch (New corrections) 2021-08-27

    STS_Payloads Patch2When i decided to play some STS_Payloads missions,i realized they still had some bugs. And the launchpads werenot so much appealing. So i decided to include hutchison66's LC39A+B for ShuttleFLeet HD (required for historically accurate LC39). I also removed some meshes,wich...
  6. toto76math

    STS Payloads Patch 2020-12-09

    For those who are still nostalgic of early STS missions (or every Space Shuttle fan),i've made this patch. Now you should fly the first 23 Space Shuttle missions on Orbiter 2010 without any issue. It needs Gazza's STS Payloads 2.01 (available on Internet Archive) ,Shuttle Fleet (Simviation),and...
  7. toto76math

    OHM Salyut 6

    Salyut6_MT Update Do i have your permission to update your addon to Proton newest version and post it on Orbithangar mods? Because i have tested it myself,and it works like a charm.:thumbup:
  8. toto76math

    AAPO Patch v2 2018-08-20

    For the second time,i have the pleasure of presenting you with a new patch version for an addon i've tried to make it work correctly. Have good flights!!!
  9. toto76math

    Dyna Soar Patch v2 2018-08-15

    New corrections for the Dyna Soar spaceplane,allowing to fly USMC and SIGINT missions.
  10. toto76math

    DynaSoar Patch 2018-03-25

    Some corrections,to make the DynaSoar addon to work correctly on Orbiter 2010.
  11. toto76math

    AAPO Patch 2017-12-25

    Some corrections for Apollo Applications Program for Orbiter (AAPO),with the missing files added.
  12. toto76math

    Project "Starlab" space station

    What is your situation on Starlab? I am really excited about your design,since in my opinion,it mixes good elements from the Skylab (dry workshops from rocket stages), Salyuts (mostly 6 and 7,because the station is designed to stay in operation for years and also has engines for orbital station...
  13. toto76math

    Request Gateway transport system

    May i ask you for help? i have issues with 4th rock Skylab_B addon. I cannot play all the scenarios about the Soyuz visiting the station,because when i load it, i can see only a few seconds, and hearing some Russian language,before the game goes silent and a pop up says "Orbiter.exe a cessé de...
  14. toto76math

    Project "Starlab" space station

    Hello. I would like to ask you: "What program did you used for designing the Starlab?" I am attempting to create an Orbiter add-on,so i would like to know how to do it. Thank you for giving me tips.:hello:
  15. toto76math

    Project MOL Revived (Sort Of)

    May i use your Apollo 18 files,because i plan to create an Orbiter simulation of Eyes Turned Skyward (a fictionnal universe in wich NASA focuses on space stations rather than a spaceplane). Since some missions of this timeline are already avalaible for Orbiter (this one,but also Skylab and...
  16. toto76math

    Project MOL Revived (Sort Of)

    Thank you. But I am sorry to say that when i try to approach the station,when i am under 300 meters from it,Orbiter stops ,a text message saying "Orbiter.exe a cessé de fonctionner" is featured on the screen ,and the Orbiter.log file says this: **** Orbiter.log Build Aug 30 2010 [v.100830]...
  17. toto76math

    Project MOL Revived (Sort Of)

    May i borrow your Skylab B scenarios to use it with NASSP ? Because i have computer crashes with AAPO. If i test it again i will try to post it for you to see if you can help me.:)
  18. toto76math

    OHM Aapo

    Thank you for welcoming me! :thumbup: Thanks! With the membership of your community you gave me,i will be able to share my passion for spaceflight sim. And also maybe to fight bugs. (For example,i often have "Orbiter.exe a cessé de fonctionner" on my laptop. Mostly,with AAPO,when i practice...