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  1. caningo

    Explanation of the space-fixed heading angle

    Seems like this one was a toughie since no one was able to provide an answer. :lol: Anyways, after searching around for like a week or so I finally came upon the solution. :bananadance: A picture is worth a thousand words or so they say... The heading angle is σ in the figure. I hope this...
  2. caningo

    Explanation of the space-fixed heading angle

    Hello fellow orbinauts! :salute: Today I was going through some of the old Apollo mission reports and come across this term which I can't seem to grasp its meaning: My question is, if I'm looking down onto this plane that they are defining, what is north? It's obvious this plane is not aligned...
  3. caningo

    News Nasa is planning trip to the sun?!?!

    Metaphasic shield anyone?
  4. caningo

    Hot Russian spy photoshoot

    We even get to see some cleavage.. :jawdrops: I agree with Urwumpe though, this should be in the OT section.
  5. caningo

    measuring LAN at the moon

    Hi guys, I'd like to know how does Orbiter measure LAN at the moon. I know that on Earth, the vernal equinox line is used. I'm assuming a good reference point would be the Earth-Moon line (0 longitude??) ... however I'm not 100% :lol: Any help is appreciated. :cheers:
  6. caningo

    calculating distance to base

    Jarmo, I will look further into the reading you have suggested and hopefully that should answer some of my other questions. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :cheers::tiphat:
  7. caningo

    calculating distance to base

    Hello guys, Given an orbit around a certain celestial body, in this case the moon, I would like to know how to calculate the horizontal distance from an orbit to a surface base located at a certain latitude. A picture can explain better. My specific problem is trying to minimize the distance A...
  8. caningo

    OHM Parametri di navigazione AMSO

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will make the pertinent adjustments! :thumbup:
  9. caningo

    The Probe?

    No you are not. It comes from the Serenity Prayer, which happens to be recited often at AA meetings. :thumbup:
  10. caningo

    New Release LunarTransferMFD v1.1 released

    I understand now don't worry. Using the heading and reentry angle parameters is good enough for now. I shall wait patiently for the next improvements to come. Anyhow good job on this amazing tool.. my flights are more accurate and more fun to watch! Cheers! :cheers:
  11. caningo

    Search help with the shuttle and using payloads

    I'm going to repeat what others say often on this forum.. try using the search bar. I don't want to seem mean or anything but questions like these have been asked and answered many times before. Try looking for Shuttle Fleet and Universal Cargo Deck for starters. If you still have trouble come...
  12. caningo

    Flight Question Refuelling the Delta Glider.

    How about the cool fuel truck in UCGO? You can't deny it's pretty sweet.
  13. caningo

    New Release Universal Cars and Cargo for Orbiter (UCGO) released

    Hi Dan, Thank you so much for this amazing addon. I have been up the past 3 hours checking it out and I must say I am stunned... i have no words. :lol: Keep up the good work!
  14. caningo

    OHM AMSO HiRes/MedRes KSC fix

    I believe the author released the patch because of the bug present in your version.. check this thread: and the last post on this one: I may be mistaken, as these are only assumptions. :hello:
  15. caningo

    Very good. Studying so I can graduate and get a job! Might go to Germany this summer. Haven't...

    Very good. Studying so I can graduate and get a job! Might go to Germany this summer. Haven't seen you on msn... did you change your account?
  16. caningo

    New Release LunarTransferMFD v1.1 released

    Forgive me Jarmo, I was mistaken in my terminology. I thought ReA = Reentry Anticipation, which is not the case. I'd like to know why there is no Ant parameter like in IMFD Baseapproach program. :thumbup:
  17. caningo

    New Release LunarTransferMFD v1.1 released

    I am curious why there is no ReA feature like in IMFD.. when I trying doing a TEI burn using AMSO, I burn in the atmosphere as soon as I get back to Earth. Any explanations? :hmm:
  18. caningo

    Wie geht's Enjo? Long time my friend!

    Wie geht's Enjo? Long time my friend!
  19. caningo

    General Question shuttle HAC info

    Hi everyone, I was wondering where on the web can I find a detailed explanation of how the HAC is performed once the Shuttle is in the vicinity of the base. I am more interested in a diagram that explains on what heading the HAC must be intercepted depending on what your initial approach...
  20. caningo

    New Release Poderosa mission

    What specific location in Italy would you suggest? Maybe somewhere in Sicily or Calabria perhaps?