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  1. Kriss

    Public OMP server

    A code in development As I'm focusing on other things, perhaps the next server admin would continue the project with coding a helpful tool: <?php $host = ''; $port = 1515; $trigger1 = 1; $omppass = testpass; $now = gmdate("F j, Y, g:i a"); $omplogfile = 'omplog.txt'; $omplogging =...
  2. Kriss

    Public OMP server

    a grand solution Infact there exist a working solution that you all could use already. It will make everyone perfectly synched even with difficult ISPs and also lacking router access. It's called hamachi, It's a tcp tunneling system. It allows perfect synch for 5-7 constantly connected users...
  3. Kriss

    Public OMP server

    Server Going Down The server will be going down in 3-4 months time. Cause I will be moving. It might come back up again months after. But I have to prioritize. I Hope some of you would be willing to put up a backup server meanwhile, if so, please contact me. Then I will forward the host to the...
  4. Kriss

    Suggestions <- I made something like this here now. But i wonder if I could somehow get the results up here at the forum. Would anyone here have some ideas how that could be made possible?? Code for the following parser: <?php $host = ''; $port = 1515...
  5. Kriss


    Yes, very similar to the STUN. But only that the clients could get this result without having to open up the graphical orbiter. You may be right. It was just a thought. But in the future when there would be much activity. And if one were serving allot of things, and he had troubles with his...
  6. Kriss

    Public OMP server

    Voice Server(VOIP) For OMP. A multiplatform client running on windows mac or linux you can download it here: once you have downloaded "voicechatter" run the program click on top left corner on "self" then "connect" then "new server" and enter the...
  7. Kriss


    UPNP is used by serveral popular softwares today. Who cares about super security anyways? It would just be better if things were made easier for everyone that wanted to use OMP. Mostly the routers that have this feature also have the feature to enable or disable it. A port checker is a "test...
  8. Kriss


    Ports TCP and UDP ports lister for incomming and outgoing traffic. UPNP support and automatic Windows firewall extension. Port checker (Does these ports work) button. Further: Grid networking (allow other users to transmit clients multiple by selection) Users online dump file/html...
  9. Kriss

    Hello everyone.

    I am a guy from norway in my early 20s. My most important things in life is my fiancè, classical music, and God. Apart from that I have studied at a rocketrange one year, where also learned a little about radio electronics, (And how to stear a telemetrystation manually after a launching...
  10. Kriss

    Challenge OMP Mission Control - Here you may see plans for gatherings - Join us online!!

    Orbiter Multiplayer race this Sunday! ETA: 2009-12-20 14:00;%dd% Days %hh% Hours %mm% Minutes %ss% Seconds Race will be on 2009-12-20 14:00 UTF The race will be a Sprint course over Ascension. Found in ORL (Orbiter Racing League) Package . (checkpoint file "GR-Win1") Are you not familiar...
  11. Kriss

    Request Addons for multiplayer gaming OMP

    I ask some of you developers, to start and help the OMP project. Things don't need all to be implemented into OMP itself, but how about the idea of making Independent addons communicate with itself/eachother. I'm hoping that sometime orbiter may also become a very worthy not only multiplayer...
  12. Kriss

    Server Administrators and Supporters

    Being a server supporter: !! = admin messages !! Open up putty, (It's in the server/windows) folder. then connect to me at port 1515 , and type assign admin <password> !! Check everyone that is idling with "dump connections" !! Type "leave <user> <password>" 1. People don't need to forward...
  13. Kriss

    Problem Launch MFD with Direct Ascent program BETA

    Hello. I have tried doing a direct ascend with this MFD, and I do everything after the little readme that followed that betafunction, and still it seem not to calclutate things from total time to tyrning time. I only get head error, and pitchh error. Have anyone of you been successful doing a...
  14. Kriss

    Challenge OMP Mission Control - Here you may see plans for gatherings - Join us online!!

    Reality Seems the server now starts to get settled. I hope some of you have been happy with the progress that's made. For now I have updated the Server HQ . Now we know a little better, and I just realized that you all don't really need to forward ports. It could work on when connecting using...
  15. Kriss

    Question Ship, and base loader?

    It seems like a very good idea. I tried searching in many ways for it, but without succcess. Could you, or someone else that are familiar with it be a little more specific to It's whereabouts. Thank you:)
  16. Kriss

    Idea I different kind of multiplayer thinking

    With omp, you can also control others ships, and jurney with them:)
  17. Kriss

    General Question UMMU mesh animation

    Would be cool if we could play better with the ummus; holding weapons, fighting aliens, taking up rock samples, holding a hammer, etc..
  18. Kriss

    Request The Lexx

    The most powerful weapon in the 2 galaxies:P here is some 3d files
  19. Kriss

    Request Building Robots

    my equation is very simple. humans = insignificant (especially if they were to be something to be removed, why bother at all?) earth ~= infinitesimal universe = potensial?
  20. Kriss

    Request Building Robots

    No, i think if they were to get intelligent. they wouldn't see any point in destroying the human race.