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  1. Wishbone

    OHM NTR core propulsion stage

    Frank, Work backlog prevents me from perfecting & updating the add-on (work mostly on Linux w/o any simulations/games :) ). Would be nice if you could fork the development as, say, NTR Mark II. Cheers, Wishbone
  2. Wishbone

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    It takes a meteorite to shake me back from work into Orbiter mode :(
  3. Wishbone

    OHM Avatar Planetary System

    A couple of observations from flying: 1. You really have to set up a separate Sol_Avatar.cfg, with only the planets/moons in the movie. Otherwise it's a pretty messy business. 2. The atmosphere is way too thick and wacky. The movie has people wearing oxymasks (exopacks), not full-body diving...
  4. Wishbone

    OHM UCGO Railroad

    Amazing. A hearty thankyou sir to the author.
  5. Wishbone

    General Question Trying to add a landing pad to Phobos.

    Fear and horror movies, am afraid. You have to be afraid at Phobos, don't you?
  6. Wishbone

    OHM PursuitMFD 2016

    Tried the sample docking scenario; was very much worried when the DG charged forward a la Progress, relieved at smooth docking. May be of use setting a user-tunable maximum relative speed to avoid breaking ground rules. EDIT: Landing scenario CTDs without any message in the logs. Suggest adding...
  7. Wishbone

    OHM Hall Base on Phobos

    Brilliant stuff.
  8. Wishbone

    Happy Birthday Siberian Tiger

    If forum stats are to be believed, Siberian Tiger celebrates his birthday today. May happiness never leave your house! Many happy returns etc. etc. С днём рождения! :RnR1:
  9. Wishbone

    OHM PursuitMFD 2016

    Why don't you call it Anchor MFD?
  10. Wishbone

    Discussion LaunchMFD pitch programmes repository

    Some more discussion about DGIV programs here:
  11. Wishbone

    Removal of the Shuttle Fleet: David413 explains

    It is sad to see such great add-ons disappear. Can understand the psychology of the decision - David was long complaining that the vote system at OHM was not giving his (superb) add-ons enough credit; then the AutoFCS question emerged again and again and again, and was never resolved by the...
  12. Wishbone

    General Question Lunar space station orbit

    As a separate module it can be done even now (adding an extra force near the Moon). Unfortunately your humble servant ain't got enough time...
  13. Wishbone

    Updates ISS UPDATES

    Translators are obviously overloaded by the garbage they are fed in the F-G affair.
  14. Wishbone

    Launch News (Failure) Phobos-Grunt and YingHuo-1 atop Zenit-2 on November 8/9, 2011

    A "simple software glitch". Wonder WHO exactly wrote the software and how they tested it. And who in the State Commission signed this software off... Another item: why on Earth use Darmstadt ESOC for mission control? This split setup is asking for failure since it is not always possible to...
  15. Wishbone

    Asteroid killing/deflection Mega Thread (Nuclear Bomb Saving Earth From an Asteroid)

    Harumph, there should be an asteroid-killing mega-thread somewhere, but with solar sail the same principle applies - how do you steer the rotating asteroid, esp. without contact with ground control? The longer the mission, the higher are the chances of failure (in electronics, mechanical items)...
  16. Wishbone

    Software BSOD caused by ntkrnlmp.exe
  17. Wishbone

    Launch News (Failure) Phobos-Grunt and YingHuo-1 atop Zenit-2 on November 8/9, 2011

    Which makes it even stranger. One would have thought that ballistics and comms schedule would be worked out well in advance. Since all uplinked commands are blackboxed, we may soon learn if it was the uplink glitch that caused that.
  18. Wishbone

    Updates NASA's CCDev-2 Program

    What exactly are those changes in NASA Contracting Oversight? I cannot find them in the Federal Register. Please somebody lend me a hand (
  19. Wishbone

    Launch News (Failure) Phobos-Grunt and YingHuo-1 atop Zenit-2 on November 8/9, 2011

    Biting nails... I wake up and I find telemetry lost, no burns and no explanation on what went wrong (apart from feeble attempts to blame the NIPs by Popovkin there are plenty of possibilities). :probe: