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    News Britain has a new tallest mountain.

    South from here all the way TO the pole. Starting from the pole, everything south OF it. Wait for the poles to flip, and they have done in the past, and south of the pole will be the whole world!
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    Question Photobucket stuff

    not showing for me!
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    SDK Question Distance - closer or further away

    The map in my craft works, so i would just switch on that "function" and it would tell me the distance !!!! (...... I'll get my coat)
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    Installation Detailed Moon Rocks

    That looks just like it will try now. THANKS ---------- Post added at 12:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:08 PM ---------- That was it exactly, What a difference,
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    Installation Detailed Moon Rocks

    Really daft question I have added a file to my "moon" setup which gives a more detailed feel to the surface as seen in the picture below. Point is I have no idea what it was nor can find it to remove. I am working on some new 2016 moon bases and need to set the surface texture to the standard...
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    Moonscape – The Apollo 11 Moonwalk in HD

    this is fantastic
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    Flight Question Moon mountain elevation...

    highest point not highest mountain. i.e. it is in a high area and only has a 3 degree slope to it's surrounds. Just seen the quote and can not find the acual value, must be a misprint ---------- Post added at 12:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:33 AM ---------- Many web pages quote...
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    Real world spacecraft question? What is this thing in ShenZhou?

    Doh... it's the gate controller, LCD version
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    Project New Truss System for space stations

    I am loving this. plus anything in wings3d is a plus for me
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    General Question Does Earth spin & Orbiter simulate atmospheric flight?

    Of course not silly, it is the second number I think of, one pint is the prime.
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    General Question Does Earth spin & Orbiter simulate atmospheric flight?

    I love a pint of beer but 568ml of beer is all wrong !!!! but still makes more sense than a flat earth
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    General Question Does Earth spin & Orbiter simulate atmospheric flight?

    Not sure what the issue(s) is here. Even on a flat calm day, the air is still wizzing round just like the planet. Due to the fact that it is not consistant from the top to the middle of the planet, it is nether proof nor disproof. I accept that due to the duration of the flight, a point which...
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    Question Hand made 2016 elev tiles

    Built a base in the Menelaus crater using a tile in the Elev_mod directory. Simple now as just a proof of concept. [/IMG]
  16. menelaus crater

    menelaus crater

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    Question Modification to ELE2PNG

    -4.965° Lon, 1.9116° Lat It was quite flat to start with which is why I used it be fore I found out about ELE2PNG. I put it up as much to show other folk that they can alter an area and so could make a base or two.
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    Question ele2png verbose mode

    In short I need to me more careful in selecting the colour I will use for the flat terrain of my base. I did use the eye drop tool mind. So many thanks for the very fast response. Added I also wonder if it was also a colour created while changing the size of the file i.e. 259 by 259 to 512...
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    Question ele2png verbose mode

    Ran the ELE2PNG program in the verbose mode switch -vvv Loads of interesting / useful info BUT the last line was quote error distance 324 unquote just wondering what that was about
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    Question Modification to ELE2PNG

    Prove of concept, and hope to other budding designers, used a PNG converted to an ELV file in the elev_mod directory. I do now have flat roads by the way. [/IMG]