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  1. 4throck

    Announcement Upcoming changes and improvements to Orbiter Forum

    I don't understand. Are you saying that people that uploaded ten years ago agreed with addon packages/collections? Legacy addons are mostly for Orbiter 2006/2010, does it make sense to try to use them with future orbiter versions and/or download clients ? In my view, new features should be...
  2. 4throck

    Announcement Upcoming changes and improvements to Orbiter Forum

    Really good explanation of what to expect :cheers: I appreciate the measures to prevent abuse by third-party sites. (I might have misunderstood, but I'm assuming you are thinking of collections for existing add-ons.) I don't like the idea of having to move my existing addons into a special...
  3. 4throck

    Project Universal Astronaut and Cargo System (UACS)

    Action areas would be interesting. I haven't checked orbiter's API in years, but I think you can send a key command to another vessel. If that's indeed possible, it would be the simplest solution, because it allows interaction with any existing vessels. On the example gattis mentioned, I'm...
  4. 4throck

    Project Universal Astronaut and Cargo System (UACS)

    Thanks for the answers! Like gattis mentioned, I think you can simply animate the mesh. An up/down animation cycle, using gravity to scale the maximum height achieved. I was able to reenter shuttle PB, deploy cargo, EVA, grapple it with the astronaut and deploy it :salute: That puts the fun...
  5. 4throck

    Project Universal Astronaut and Cargo System (UACS)

    Gave it a try and it works :salute: But the astronaut performs no actions... at least I wasn't able to do anything with it. The astro has no HUD with key options, only on the PB. Is the base door supposed to open? Does the EVA guy have lights for night operations? It would be nice if the...
  6. 4throck

    Internet Best Space Films?

    Look interesting. There's some real zero-g training footage in there! As for the list of best space movies, I don't see Solaris (Tarkovsky version) mentioned! But it really needs to be on the list. Highly recommended!
  7. 4throck

    Project Project Mercury

    Since the towers were brand new at the time, texturing is not that important. D3D9 shadows and tweaks to the metal shader might make them look more realistic....
  8. 4throck

    Project Project Mercury

    Looks good. The untextured towers give it a 1990s "vector graphics" feel. Simple and effective :salute:
  9. 4throck

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Client uploaded for those that might need it:
  10. 4throck

    OHM D3D9 R4.7 supporting Terrain Toolkit

    4throck submitted a new addon: D3D9 R4.7 supporting for Terrain Toolkit. - D3D9ClientR4.7-forOrbiter2016(r1335) Read more about this addon...
  11. 4throck

    D3D9 R4.7 supporting Terrain Toolkit 2022-07-22

    Legacy D3D9 R4.7 client (D3D9ClientR4.7-forOrbiter2016(r1335)) , with support for Terrain Toolkit. Newer versions don't support this tool, so I'm uploading it here to make life simpler. It follows the discussion here
  12. 4throck

    Project IPEC Pegasus (ISV Pegasus 3.0)

    In Kerbal you have line of sight transmissions to bases and other vessels. Signal strength depends on antenna and distance. When the signal drops to zero, your control becomes limited. Since you plan to simulate a power/thermal system, I think you'll need to implement line of sight regarding...
  13. 4throck

    News Roscosmos News

    It would cost money and only achieve propaganda purposes. Propaganda exists in all systems of course, but it seems to be a higher priority for dictatorships. What's disturbing is the Soviet flag along with Christian symbols. Back in the day I guess you'd go to the Gulag for making such a display.
  14. 4throck

    Project IPEC Pegasus (ISV Pegasus 3.0)

    Very interested. A simple update of ISV Pegasus V2.0 for 2016 would be enough for me! :cheers: But having extra functionality is even better (y) I think that crew / EVA would be the most important thing, since the mission requires landing on planets ;) But like in Kerbal, simulating power...
  15. 4throck

    Question Installing addons

    Like others mentioned, the addon should unzip to the right folders, and have unique file and folder names. And names should take into account other similar addons. For example "SLS" is too generic and might be used by other addons. So I suggest also adding your username: "Gattis_SLS". This way...
  16. 4throck

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I like the tree. This old add-on might be useful to place them:
  17. 4throck

    General Question How does the site's new add-on updating process work?

    Beware! I tried to update one of my addons by using "post and update" and ended up deleting the main addon by mistake. I think some fields might be mislabeled. "Change addon type" allows you to upload a new(?) zip...
  18. 4throck

    OHM Hermes Shuttle WIP

    Opening thread to discuss Tried to update the addon with surface tiles and hangars for Istres base, but the update didn't work out and ended up deleting the main addon. The previous thread...
  19. 4throck

    Hermes Shuttle WIP 2022-07-12

    This is a work-in-progress implementation of ESA's Hermes Shuttle, using VesselBuilder (required). The launch vehicle is a Multistage2015 Ariane 5 (Kourou and Ariane 5 rocket required). I've added my old Man Tended Free Flyer (spacecraft3) as a possible mission target and a runway at Istres...
  20. 4throck

    OHM Hermes Shuttle WIP [Deleted]

    This addon has been removed and is no longer available.