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    Flying the Rosetta Mission.

    The default orbit elements in Rosetta_marker.cfg are for MJD53249 (~6 months pre 1st Earth GA) _______________\ that's the part that got me mixed up. the default for me is the one for mars. i cannot find the orbital element for the first pass to earth (the one i should target at MJD 53249...
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    Flying the Rosetta Mission.

    the part i'm mostly wondering about is the marker for the initial eject burn. it seems to me that the default scenario has the one loaded for the mars flyby, but i have a really hard time doing the eject burn without needing 130 Dv right after i leave earth SOI. tx for the response.
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    Flying the Rosetta Mission.

    i'm trying to get this mission done but i can't seem to find the proper way with the rosetta_marker. on the Rosetta_marker_elements.txt the fisrt one says ;MJD 54131 (pre-Mars GA) Epoch = 2007.0841889117 SemiMajorAxis = 204784643176.766 Eccentricity = .276401941430808 Inclination =...
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    Request DGIV: From Europa to Io

    lol I was wondering why I had a deja vu reading this thread.. it was mine that you found back then.. while I did manage to make this mission. .I a still unable to do the VIP to mars one.. if anyone can help..
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    how do you read your tutorials and stuff?

    I play windowed and alt-tab between the two.. simple enough
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    My Mercury Trip

    what is that glitch.. only time I went througt the sun, I ended up at warp 9 going nowhere fast. There must be some other glitch because that didn't help.. good day
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    Orbiter Forum Space Station

    is the project dead or astrosammy is simply too busy this time. I can't wait for a new mission :D:D
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    Just saw a UFO in Orbiter

    the probe maybe??
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    apollo 11 by the numbers??

    can you take off without the autopilot in the nassp, I just start the appollo 11 scenario until orbit and do the TLI with the dsky as per the tutorial. is it possible to burn other than prograde only? tx for the reply
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    apollo 11 by the numbers??

    Hello, when flying the apollo 11 mission included with nassp, I used the tutorial on orbiter hangar (the very popular one), and I can't seem to get the dates to fit the real time (without messing up inclinaison a LOT), do you have the same problem?? Same thing for the return leg, I cannot find...
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    Two Satellites Collide

    in soviet russia satellite tracks YOU
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    Took my first picture of ISS through Telescope.

    very cool so far I only took some nice iridium flares without telescope only camera on tripod. nothing fancy but first try was a succes so I was pretty happy. question for you do you get the computer to track it for you or you anticipate where its gonna be and wait for it to come in view and go...
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    Problem with LOLA MFD and Land MFD

    would you mind telling me what part was wrong I have the exact same problem with lola mfd. I'd like to know what part of the checklist I missed
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    rescue mission on IO strategy

    I'm having a lot of trouble to do this mission, What did you do in order to complete it.. For now I opted to wait for a better launch window than when the scenario starts (2 days I beleive) and dont land on IO but use the fuel remaining in the GLMining to go in orbit and dock there. did anyone...
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    Orbiter and EEE

    weird I 'm changing laptop and I was gonna start a thread about those netbook vs orbiter butafter a couple reviews i opted for a bigger 15'' . anyone orbiting on an acer aspire?
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    just found out about this nasa TV it is awesome also tracking the flight here