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    TransX How to restart TransX when buggy?

    You could un-select the target-planet/*ship in stage 1 and hit FWD. After that, all other stages should be gone.
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    Support SSU VC++ Fail

    From the build-log: Looks to me, that VS is not set-up correct to build the project. The linker cannot find the Orbiter API. However, I am not an expert or a developer. I am sure somebody might be more helpful here. Another example, where VS has no clue where the Orbiter-includes(so the...
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    Scenario "Default Start" Scenario

    Nice idea and a good mix of vessels Maybe you should give the newer G42-200 a try : Updated G42-200 Starliner I just made it to ISS yesterday.
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    Project UCSO development thread

    Thanks for the info. So within the cargo-mode-loop there is no SHIFT-C check anymore (to leave the loop/cargo-mode). Sorry for posting this issue in the wrong thread, but nice to know that a fix will be available soon. There are much more interesting possibilities using UCSO, so no idea why it's...
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    Project UCSO development thread

    From G42 sources G422_SIM_CONTROLS.cpp starting line 1095: case OAPI_KEY_C: if (ucsoInstalled) cargoMode = !cargoMode; else timer = 0; return 1; default: return 0; Could this be the issue ? I am not a developer but maybe "if...
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    Project UCSO development thread

    I don't know, if this is the right place to ask...or it might be more a G42-200 problem ? I tested the latest UCSO package in the G42 Startliner. The idea was, to have a tiny bit more fuel. I tested the various functions which UCSO offers. After hitting "SHIFT+C" I can see the UCSO-HUD. Here I...
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    Orbiter 2016 under Wine

    I tried to disable all modules except the D3D9-cient. Even with such "empty" config, the F3-click+switch didn't work. That's seems to be a nice workaround, I didn't thought on that....good catch (y) Yes, this works. As soon as I wrote a valid ship-name into the F3-input-box, the previously...
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    Orbiter 2016 under Wine

    Thanks, for a more indeep view of the problem, I will check the console-output. I am using POL, I like the feature to hotswap so many different WINE versions, so I need to check how to run this env without the POL GUI. For the moment, I have a more or less stable setup in WINE 5.8. A...
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    Orbiter 2016 under Wine

    I have a real strange issue using very recent versions of WINE: Since years, I have plenty of stability issues using D3D9-client in various WINE versions (started form 1.6 staging to 5.11...) Problem was/is, that many scenarios cannot be loaded without a segfault (very intermittent). No...
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    Vessel Transorbital tug / Hauler

    So more or less a modified LSTS craft like the one from Greg Burch ( In my opinion a still nice looking boat....which I am still using even today. If the SC3/4 limitations could be replaced using a DLL with some...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I got tons of (orbiter_d3d9.log) warn: D3D9DeviceEx::QueryInterface: Unknown interface query warn: 85c31227-3de5-4f00-9b3a-f11ac38c18b5 2.5 megabytes of log in just a couple of minutes Orbiter up/runtime, might could cause issues on an SSD drive on a long term. And I see this one....not so...
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    TransX Crashes

    Maybe my reply sounds a bit harsh, but I don't expect Enjo to re-compile all of his addons for every Orbiter Beta version (+it's depencies). So it's great that we have full access to the sources and can try to play around with them. Maybe the easiest solution might be a new...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I have tested 4.23 within my Linux/WINE configuration and it works so the previous version. However, one question I have in mind since years... This is Linux/WINE specific, so...I know not the supported OS/env.... This is what happens many times over the last couple of years in...
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    TransX Crashes

    Yes...of course. Since the source-code is provided in the zip-file, nobody would stop you if you re-compile the included sources using latest Orbiter Beta API.
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    LaunchMFD Guide to ISS

    If you just want to launch to ISS using standard procedures...then please don't use DA (direct ascent). It works, but it's tricky and needs some planning and manually piloting. The idea is, right after MECO you are in front or behind the ISS. Like pizza-delivery to ISS. So you will be there...
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    IMFD Surface Launch Program

    IMFD has some kind of a "share" function. You need to "share" the left MFD to the right MFD in your case. So launch-data can be "Injected" via "MFD-share-function". The "share" function is somewhere on the main-page of IMFD. So you need to set "share 0" on the right MFD. So right MFD "queries"...
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    General Question Link to Spacecraft 3 download? However, there is a newer Spacecraft4-dll available. It's included in a some addons, i.e.: Pad24_UR500_O2016_v4
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    Problem Orbiter 2016 linux XR2 display problem

    >Is there some way to disable anti aliasing in orbiter? Yes...check the Video-Tab I found only one solution to use AA and scaled-down MFD's (i.e. XR-vessel-cockpit), after endless testing: Wine version 2.22-staging + "CSMT" should be enabled in WINE-Registry to avoid texture-loading issues...
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    can you recommend some autolanding MFD for me?

    Would be cool if the data from GlideslopeMFD would be read out, to control the vessel's pitch. This might be not helpful for the default shuttle, as there is no COG-shift code built-in. However, for testing the XR-vessels might be good candidates, they offer an API, where i.e. the AOA can be...
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    can you recommend some autolanding MFD for me?

    As mentioned earlier in this thread: This MFD is quite precise, it even comes with a tutorial: