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  1. fresh squid

    Problem Orbiter 2016 Space Shuttle AP problems

    I have no problems with that scenario. The AP mfd does everything it should. Do you have other addons installed? Im testing on a clean install with only orbiter sound installed.
  2. fresh squid

    Gaming Moonbase Alpha - NASA's new on-line game

    Now that is too funny. I didnt believe you. Boy I cant wait till tuesday!!:rofl: ---------- Post added at 12:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:27 PM ---------- Only if I could play as Dick Cheney :lol:
  3. fresh squid

    New Release STS-132 ICC Unberth Tutorial released

    Thanks . These tutorials are very helpful. I understand the effort put into them. Thanks again.
  4. fresh squid

    New Release Universal Cars and Cargo for Orbiter (UCGO) released

    pressing 8 will roll your ummu when in rotation mode. i think you should be presing 9 in translation mode. if i'm not mistaken.
  5. fresh squid

    What was the first space-related thing you did?

    Had to be Erin Grey..
  6. fresh squid

    Missles over newfoundland?

    It think thats our best answer right now. I think they have launched missiles from there before.
  7. fresh squid

    Missles over newfoundland? Crazy stuff.
  8. fresh squid

    OHM Mir-2 space station, release 1

    Thanks for your effort on this great addon..I'm going to Mir-2 first freaking class baby!
  9. fresh squid

    Question Hubble repair mission

    So that would mean saying the shuttles attitude is -zlv would be kind of meaning less without the other vector? I'm getting a little lost here. Sorry.
  10. fresh squid

    Question Hubble repair mission

    O.k. I found this "Furthermore, the STS-125 mission profile will see Atlantis fly in an RCC protection attitude. ‘The Orbiter preferred attitude of -ZLV will be maintained throughout the on orbit mission phase,’ notes the SIB presentation. ‘This attitude minimizes the risk of MMOD impact to...
  11. fresh squid

    Question Hubble repair mission

    I understand what your saying. I just dont see how the shuttles attitude could make a difference in safety. Isnt the shuttle at risk from debris in every direction? Does Nasa believe its a good way to increase safety margins?
  12. fresh squid

    Question Hubble repair mission

    I was watching a Canadian news program about space junk and related hazards. A gentleman who I respect as a space and science authority, made a comment that I just couldn't believe. He stated that the space shuttle would manouver to an attitude that would position the heat shield in a forward...
  13. fresh squid

    New Release Shuttle Fleet Expansion Pack for STS-125

    Thanks man. Great work as usual.
  14. fresh squid

    SSU V1.25 Release

    I have to agree with FordPrefect . I think you should release your addon when you think its ready. I am really looking forward to it. If a new version of orbiter comes out the next day who cares! I'll be busy shaken down your new shuttle. ;)
  15. fresh squid

    OHM Total Immersion - Descartes

    You installed Vinkas spacecraft3 dll?
  16. fresh squid

    Free falcon 5 released

    For those of you still holding on to an old classic, Falcon 4.0. A free upgrade is available here.. Its great that people are still modding a game (I mean simulation), thats over ten years old. So dig out your dusty cd, make a fresh...
  17. fresh squid

    SSU V1.25 Release

    Sounds like you guys are putting a lot of effort into this. I'm looking forward to the end product. Way to go!
  18. fresh squid

    New Release STS Expansion Pack V4.1.5 released at OH

    I am unable to recreate the problem. I guess thats a good thing.:) Thanks for the updated ldef info. :hotcool:
  19. fresh squid

    New Release STS Expansion Pack V4.1.5 released at OH

    I love all the work you have done on the shuttles. Its really great stuff. I appreciate all the hard work that you have done. Everything worked quite well for me after installation. I do have one issue, its minor and in no way a complaint. I have found that the scenario for sts 32 (columbia...
  20. fresh squid

    Methane found on Mars

    Why does this article refer to methane in the atmosphere as a recent discovery? I've read about it way back in 2004.