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    General Question Base objects - BEACONARRAY?

    I am adapting a base of mine from Orbiter 2010 to 2016, which mostly consists of playing with elevations, where in 2010, everything was '0' elevation. My problem is my beacon arrays do not show up, no matter what elevation I make them. Has something changed in the .cfg files for bases in 2016?
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    OHM FalconHeavy

    Wonderful ship! I just figured out how to make it a DG launcher.
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    Question DirectX runtimes

    Thanks! I'll give it a shot. I just tried Orbiter 2010 with an older D3D9 release, and the same thing happens. After enabling the D3D9 module, There is no "Video" tab, so I can't do any advanced setup. Orbiter cannot open the client when I try to launch. ---------- Post added 09-01-17 at 11:29...
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    Question DirectX runtimes

    I was never able to get D3D9 running on my 2007, Win XP machine. I passed it off as being obsolete. Orbiter 2010 ran great. I finally upgraded to a shiny new Win 10 machine with Orbiter 2016. And I still can't get D3D9 to work. I get a DOS window saying no client found. Yes, the module is...
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    Request Falcon / DreamChaser adapter

    I'veput together a scenario to launch liber's DreamChaser with Glider's FalconHeavy. Unfortunately, I have yet to learn mesh-making; I'm climbing up Anim8or's learning curve. Anybody feel like making a fairing or adapter for this? Also, I'm using the Velcro Russian DG-launcher to launch...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    D3D9not starting I am having the same problem...except I can at least activate the client in the Orbiter Server launchpad window. When I try to start a scenario, I get a DOS window that ends with a command line and a list of possible commands. Maybe it just a Buckeye problem... haven't seen...
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    OHM Dream Chaser

    DreamChaser launcher Great add-on! I like the challenge of docking bass-ackwards!:lol: I'm setting up scenarios using a Falcon Heavy and DG-launchers (using Velcro Rockets). Too bad I can't model custom fairings (yet).
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    Is it normal for a 14 year old to be playing this?

    Ripley - Could that be Sublogic FSII for Apple II ? I ran it on an Apple IIc with t 9" monochrome monitor. The engine sound was random speaker clicks. And where did you get the screenshot?!
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    Is it normal for a 14 year old to be playing this?

    Well, if you can stand some advice, eat up all the math & science your school will give you. (Don't forget the chemistry...and language...and history) The Orbiter community has a lot of links for educational materials (Have you downloaded "Go Play in Space"?). Go online and look for areospace...
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    Is it normal for a 14 year old to be playing this?

    I was born between Alan Sheppard's flight and John Glen's. My parents let me stay home from school to watch Apollo liftoffs. I watched the first flight of the Space Shuttle from my college dorm. I would have KILLED for something like this at the age of 14! The next generation of scientists and...
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    Support SpaceX / Dragon: Killing UMMU

    Having a blast with the SpaceX / Dragon addon. When I run a scenario with Falcon Heavy ( 4-man Dragon, 4 UMMU, no cargo), I achieve orbit, get systems online, then try to EVA a UMMU, the UMMUs are all dead. (Not good for SpaceX share price). My theory is that with no cargo, The DH is producing...
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    Velcro Rockets

    I changed the STATUS line for the Aries in the .scn file: Aries-Ib:2001/AriesIb STATUS Orbiting Earth HEADING 0.00 Attached 0:0 Nova PRPLEVEL 0:1.000 NAVFREQ 588 0 XPDR 451 CONFIGURATION 1 EVA 0 GEAR 0 0.0000 DOORS 0 0.0000 END Give that a try...