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    Updates ISS Soyuz flights updates

    Soyuz FG: "Since 30 October 2002, Soyuz-FG has been the only vehicle used by the Russian Federal Space Agency to launch Soyuz-TMA and Soyuz-MS manned spacecraft to the ISS. The Soyuz-FG performed 64 successful launches until its first failure on 11 October 2018 with the Soyuz MS-10 mission"...
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    Updates ISS Soyuz flights updates

    Soyuz MS-11 in six days Soyuz MS-11 planned to be launched Dec 3, 2018 from Baikonur 1/5. 58th Expedition with CO Oleg Kononenko in his fourth spaceflight, David Saint-Jacques from the Canadian CSA and Anne McClain from NASA. The rocket: Soyuz FG. By this days: Progress MS-10 docked with...
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    OHM China's Manned Space Program v1.5

    For docking with Tiangong 1 a small correction is necessary to avoid to docking inside of the station. Original: [DOCK_0] POS = (0,0,1.15) DIR = (0,0,1) ROT = (0,1,0) Updated: [DOCK_0] POS = (0,0,7.10) DIR = (0,0,1) ROT = (0,1,0) Of course applicable a Shenzhou spacecraft missions(Shenzhou...
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    China Manned Space Program 1.5 also work with Orbiter 2016(and with 060929). High recomended.
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    OHM China's Manned Space Program v1.5

    Bravo. Finally a good addon working with Orbiter 060929 and Orbiter 2016. Good work and many thanks. Maybe a day we have something like this with the Soyuz.
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    Vessel Salyut 7

    Salyut 7. Compatibility 060929 and Orbiter 2016 like the Soyuz 7K series of 4th Rock. And please a Spacecraft3 model. No complexes and tricky modules with a usual lot of problems of compatibility and ctd.
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    General Question Soyuz TMA for Orbiter 2016?

    Solved. The Soyuz TMA of Aguamar(060929)adapted now for Orbiter 2016. That was not easy to make a complete new CFG for the three modules(Orbit, Rentry and Service)and then to find the right docking conexion distance between. Actually is OK for launch and docking but rentry, the drogue-parachute...
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    General Question Adapting Sputnik 1 for Orbiter 2016

    Solved. Multistage 2015 for Orbiter 2016 correct all problems. Pitch, height over the ground and sound. And as bonus added some new features. Super this addon. Give new live to some good old addons now working with Orbiter 2016. Highly recommended.
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    OHM Multistage2015 - for Orbiter 2016

    Excelent addon. Now the possibility of utilise old addons and correct incompatibility issues area a reality. Many thanks.
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Soyuz 7K series work with Orbiter 2016(and also with 060929 Orbiter 2006). Already to this day for me, the only Soyuz spacecraft working with Orbiter 2016.
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    General Question Soyuz TMA for Orbiter 2016?

    No. The version of the TM with ISS v3.2 dont work with Orbiter 2016. I have set a very simple mission: a TM in orbit to dock with Mir and nothing. Also any info by the Log. The same mission(as comparation)with Soyuz 7K-T work perfect. Near certainly a problem of modules compatibility. The Soyuz...
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    General Question Adapting Sputnik 1 for Orbiter 2016

    Hi: I try to adapt the Sputnik 1 with his rocket for the Orbiter 2016, Nothing special there, the rocket and the satellite in position by the standard Baikonour launch pad 1. The rocket and the satellite are there, the problem is the pitch of the rocket with a inclination of ca 45 degrees like...
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    OHM Soyuz 7K series

    Excelent addon, working very well with Orbiter 2006(060929)or Orbiter 2016 version. Thanks.
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    OHM Salyut 6

    Addon is very well done. The thing is that the docking with Salyut is a little tricky. Docking with Mir or Iss with TMA, TM is a lot more easy and straight forward. With Salyut I have try with the Soyuz 7K-T, many times and finally sucess is arrived.
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    OHM Project R-7

    Excelent addon. Thanks.
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    General Question Soyuz TMA for Orbiter 2016?

    Super. I try this one. Many thanks.
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    General Question Soyuz TMA for Orbiter 2016?

    Hi I try to find a Soyuz TMA for the Orbiter 2016 to change the docking with the Delta Glider. The model of Aguamar(060929)work very good for this version of the Sim but not for the 2016. Module incompatibility I suppose. There somewhere a version working with Orbit 2016? PD: A Progress...
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    OHM Soyuz TMA

    Good craft. Docked yesterday with Mir with any problem and was quite easy.
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    General Question How to move the Relative Velocity Marker

    Hi I have searched there in the manual and by the net how to move the Relative Velocity Marker(to center this one with the ISS or the Mir in approach)but not luck. There some special key combination? Thanks