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  1. FSXHD

    PMDG coming to X-plane, developing DC-6.

    They said that FSX will be their primary sim for development for at least the next few years, probably five or six. From then on, who knows? Sent from my YP-G70 using Tapatalk
  2. FSXHD

    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    I agree with Hielor's proposal. Also, I will once again be taking up a residence on the server. I haven't been active very much since the first server map was abandoned, but after fireballs619's tour I saw how extensive and impressive it is. I'm not sure where I'll set up shop yet, but you'll...
  3. FSXHD

    Gaming Microsoft Flight Megathread

    Even if there is an SDK, PMDG and ORBX have made it clear that they won't be a part of Flight. That does it for me. I will keep using FSX until Microsoft pulls the plug on the FSX serial activation servers (which would be very low if they did). I might try out Prepar3D or have a look at XP10...
  4. FSXHD

    Gaming FSX challenges...

    Flying an IFR approach into LOWI is always challenging if you try do it correctly by the charts.
  5. FSXHD

    News 767 Belly Landing in Poland

    Here are some fantastic PDFs about the landing gear and the systems involved in its operation. Interesting stuff!
  6. FSXHD

    News 767 Belly Landing in Poland

    What a fantastic landing! Absolutely perfect.
  7. FSXHD

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Fantastic song!
  8. FSXHD

    Announcement Staff Member Updates

    Congrats Woo! You deserved it. I am sure you will do the job fantastically.
  9. FSXHD

    Cycling / Running - Logs, Stories, & Pictures (any fellow cyclists or runners here?)

    Hello! I just came across this thread. Very interesting! I have a mountain bike from a few years ago that I bought through a local bike shop. It was made by a small company out east named Iron Horse Bikes. I had the shop customize it a little to add some higher quality parts. I put in some...
  10. FSXHD

    Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple dies !!

    RIP Steve Jobs Your impact on the world of technology and the world itself was so great, and that is something that shouldn't go without notice. Thanks Mr. Jobs
  11. FSXHD

    Humor It's that time of year again...

    All hail! :hailprobe:
  12. FSXHD

    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Quick question for Hielor, What software do you use to run the server? I am looking to set up one for some people not related to this site.
  13. FSXHD

    News Copilot mistakes rudder trim for door lock, rolls 737

    NGX Simulation of Events Howdy folks! Tonight I had some time to try this in FSX with the PMDG NGX, one of the most realistic addons ever developed for a consumer flight simulator. Intro For the test aircraft, I chose the -800 variant with winglets and a shiny chrome livery (PMDG has not...
  14. FSXHD

    News Copilot mistakes rudder trim for door lock, rolls 737

    Sorry folks! I have a bunch of exams tomorrow and I can't fit the NGX simulation in tonight. I will do a proper experiment tomorrow with screen shots and a small write up.
  15. FSXHD

    News Copilot mistakes rudder trim for door lock, rolls 737

    Indeed. I'll post some screen shots of it when I am done.
  16. FSXHD

    News Copilot mistakes rudder trim for door lock, rolls 737

    I'm gonna go try this in the PMDG 737 NGX. It's a fantastic simulation.
  17. FSXHD

    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Nice tour! Your facility is pretty key to the server with all of the stuff underground. You can see my tower under construction in a few shots.
  18. FSXHD

    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Frames absolutely tanked just now ...
  19. FSXHD

    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    You can add me as well. My nick is also FSXHD for minecraft
  20. FSXHD

    Updates LRO/LCROSS News and Updates

    Interesting pictures. I wonder what the conspiracy theorists will come up with now :rofl: