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    Lost in vectors... again !

    A normalised vector has length 1. Its components don't necesarrily sum up to 1.
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    Lost in vectors... again !

    Not enough information here. Assuming the base thrust vector is along the positive z axis, x=r\ sin\,\theta\ cos\,\phi y=r\ sin\,\theta\ sin\,\phi z=r\ cos\,\theta θ being the angle between the z axis and the rz plane (pitch) and φ being the angle between the x axis the the projection of r...
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    Poll How many languages do you speak?

    Serbian (native), Russian, German, English, Slovene.
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    Sub Hunter News and Updates

    Have you tested it on x86_64 windows XP?
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    Sub Hunter News and Updates

    Does not work on 64 bit windows OSes at all.
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    Discussion Name proposition for shuttle class vessel

    Пионер (Pioneer) class, with individual ship names like Y.A. Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, etc.
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    News Mustafa's Space Drive: An Egyptian Student's Invention

    Because, depending on the energy requirements, a (real) reactionless drive potentially implies infinite dV.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    And the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that most or quite possibly all people alive today will have long since ceased to exist before having a chance to witness that. :(
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    News Mustafa's Space Drive: An Egyptian Student's Invention

    OK, I get it, it's "terribly technical", but where is the paper itself? Hard to judge a book by its cover (or a populist press release).
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    News Mars One - settlement funded via reality TV in 2023

    No, but lots of Dragons could. Also, they apparently plan to rely on partial ISRU for life support.
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    Apollo 4 loss of vehicle

    Press J again?
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    News Intelsat Signs First Commercial Falcon Heavy Launch Agreement with SpaceX

    Whereas a metric ton is a megagramme, or properly defined as one thousand kilogrammes, since the base SI unit of mass is the kilogramme. Makes more sense to me.
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    Launch News Yaogan 15, Long March 4C, May 29, 2012

    Possibly related?
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    Launch vehicle calculations

    The delta v of a stage is its exaust velocity multiplied by the logarithm of the mass ratio: \Delta v = v_{ex} \times log \frac{m_{fuel}+m_{stage}}{m_{stage}} If you solve for the mass ratio, you get the following relation: \frac{m_{fuel}+m_{stage}}{m_{stage}} = e^{\frac{\Delta v}{v_{ex}}}...
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    Introducing myself to calculus

    Did you always check the edit history to make sure the article you were looking at wasn't a victim of this?
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    Introducing myself to calculus

    That honestly doesn't strike me as a good idea. MathWorld is more of a reference than a learning guide. It's great if you're looking for very specific information about a subject you're already familiar with, but I honestly don't think I could have learned much from it from scratch. To start...
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    OpenGL programming.

    Have you considered SDL?
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    What simulations do you play beside Orbiter?

    FlightGear. I also find myself spending a lot of time with simulators of industrial microcontrollers and robotics, but I don't consider that "play".
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    Advanced Question How to get to mars?

    Of the stock spacecraft, the Deltaglider has more than enough delta-V to make it. For navigation, you'll want to learn TransX or Interplanetary MFD.
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    General Question XR2 Reentry Request

    If you're still bounding off at 40 deg AoA, your re-entry angle is probably too shallow. Deorbit harder!