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  1. Mission_CDR

    Textbook Recommendation, Calculus of Variations

    WOW. Thank you so much for your time in writing that up. :thumbup:
  2. Mission_CDR

    Textbook Recommendation, Calculus of Variations

    I'm looking to find a textbook that I can read in my free time and get a solid foundation in Calculus of Variations. I've viewed several textbooks online and for the life of me I can not understand them. The main problem is that they rely heavily on rigorous mathematical notation and reference...
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    Bug DGIV Crashes above lunar and martian surface

    ^^^Well there ya go, case closed! Thanks
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    Bug DGIV Crashes above lunar and martian surface

    Hope this is in the proper area. If not, feel free to move it. I've noticed an interesting and unfortunate repeating occurrence with the DGIV. When landing on the lunar and martian surfaces, I always crash into what seems to be an invisible planetary surface that is usually ~1-2 km above the...
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    What languages do you speak?

    Native: English 75% German (I'm 16 and can read books 12+ years, [12 / 16 = .75])
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    General Question Long Time, No See!

    I seriously doubt anyone remembers me. It has probably been three years since I've done anything. Since I've been gone I have earned my pilots license (Irrelevant, I just want to brag) Anyway, I just wanted to know which addons I should get to make orbiter 2010 as much fun as possible. By fun...
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    Best space shuttle (addon/upgrade)?

    SSU is more realistic not complete tho, in a month or so when it is updated, it will be both realistic and complete, I like it more. Altho SF is good too.
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    Idea Inside cockpit Reentry effects

    and also a redish glow in the VC maybe.
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    no I submitted this a while ago KLAS
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    Project All Purpose Surface Base

    Since I am not a good mesh maker, I will make simple "block terminals. When you are making a custom texture, if you paint part of it black, does that part become invisble? I know this happens in FS9.
  11. Mission_CDR

    Space Shuttle Ultra development thread

    Maybe if yall are not busy, ya'll could post a few screenshots of the flight deck so we can have a better understanding of what is going on.
  12. Mission_CDR

    Project All Purpose Surface Base

    I am not done with the taxiways yey, I just like to post pics to let othwers know what is happening. Thanks, I didn't relize that about the runway overrun.:)
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    Project Chinese surface bases: Development and questions

    Hey if you need any help with surface bases, PM me, i will gladly help you;).
  14. Mission_CDR

    Project All Purpose Surface Base

    Here is what section 1 of the airpost looks like (section 2 will use the same runways, it will just basically be a different spacecraft parking area) Please note that it is in earliy development. I still will add a tower, fence, maybe a wind sock, tetures, and "static" aircraft at the terminals...
  15. Mission_CDR

    Project All Purpose Surface Base

    I have already started so I will finish, my idea is to have three complexes (commercial space flight (delta glider), Rocket launch facility, and a cargo complex(for DGex, or other large space craft) all conected by hangrails that lead to a central location with roads leading up to it. Here is...
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    Project All Purpose Surface Base

    I am working on creating another surface base (fictional) what are some things that ya'll would like in it? What aircraft do ya'll most often use? I want it to be able to be used for any pupose, so just give me some ideas.
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    Gaming FSX

    so is it ich muss, du musst, er/es/sie must? By the way, is there any way to make my session visible to more people? no one I invited could connect.
  18. Mission_CDR

    Gaming FSX

    Anyone can come now if they would like, it is in free flight, (ATC@ Los Angeles) Mochtet ihr jetzt kommen? Du muss Englisch sprechen. Is that grammatically correct?
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    Gaming FSX

    Well... I am in.