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    News Apache helicopter has crashed in residential area in south Japan

    The US forces are dangerously overstretched in East Asia. The main financial focus is on Afghanistan and the Fertile Crescent, which leaves East Asia vastly under financed even though from a long-term geopolitical point of view it is definitely by far the most important region due to the...
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    Gaming RE-ENTRY spaceflight simulator

    Ironically the most effective solution is probably to just have a pirated copy which is incapable of receiving updates cause back in the days of XP and 7, you only had to activate once since updates were purely optional. Ever since 10 though, where you can only postpone but not avoid an update...
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    Gaming RE-ENTRY spaceflight simulator

    You've just opened Pandora's box. :lol: On a serious note though, usage of genuine Windows 7 will rapidly drop now IMHO due to what Microsoft has officially called an immense slowdown of older OS following the release of patches after the recent revelations regarding CPU.
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    Gaming RE-ENTRY spaceflight simulator

    What I really meant by VR is that it tends to give the player primarily the visual experience and focuses more on the non-interactive aspect. Didn't mean VR literally so apologies for the confusion.
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    Gaming RE-ENTRY spaceflight simulator

    Tried it a while back and at least at the time, it felt more like a VR experience showcasing the visuals and the atmosphere (no pun intended) than a genuine systems and/or orbital mechanics simulator. But then again that's probably what the developer aimed for (unless it underwent changes since...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Where's Joe McCarthy when you need him..
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    News Hawaii false nuclear alert

    Unfortunately the reality is that bureaucratic management advances primarily when making mistakes and rarely can it evolve or even maintain the same level of efficiency without stumbling upon obstacles that force it to elevate its degree of readiness and effectiveness. What happened yesterday...
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    News Hawaii false nuclear alert

    Read the following in super mutant voice: "CNN Fake News. I stable genius. Hillary crooked. Sad."
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    News Hawaii false nuclear alert

    On a related note..
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    News Hawaii false nuclear alert

    On the bright side, if Fallout (the video game universe) is right, a pub is the best place to experience a nuclear holocaust due to the abundance of bottle caps (they are used as the main currency) which essentially makes pubs the equivalent of banks in post-nuclear environment.
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    News Serious security flaw in Intel processors

    According to a Reuters article, AMD is also affected by a similar flaw. I'd say that if Intel senses a long-term loss because of this revelation, they'll make sure they let everyone know that AMD was/is also affected.
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    News Serious security flaw in Intel processors

    Some early post-patch benchmarks for Linux: Also for gaming performance:
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I've got an issue while using the function "pre-load at session start" for the surface texture load options, even though i have the level 14/11 earth textures, it still loads the default one (low res), but when i switch "load on demand" option it displays correctly. Any idea why? Did a clean...
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    News Neil has passed away

    The man that united one planet and two different political worlds better than any politician did, Rest in Peace Neil. :salute:
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    News My Brother Is Dead

    RIP, God bless You :salute:
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    Gaming Any IL-2 Sturmovik fans?

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    Installation Problems with latest version of Orbiter (111105)

    Hello, i got some issues with Orbiter 111105 (orbiter111105-100830diff.7z), when i try to run Orbiter i get this error "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." Am i doing something wrong ? I...