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  1. Iberville

    Hardware Asus Zenbook UX 305 or Dell Latitude 12 inch 5000

    Hello everybody, I have a small question regarding Hardware and Orbiter. I do not play Orbiter that often since my work is taking so much time but I like to use the software when I travel and have some free time in hotels or at home. My laptop is mainly used for browsing and doing productivity...
  2. Iberville

    Scenario Editing a new spaceship in a scenario

    Hi, I have been trying to build a kid of near future world, with private space stations around the Earth and Moon using SSBB2 and HLV - lunar base modules for a realistic moon bases. I played a lot with Orbiter using DG IV, XR vessels and the Arrow. Now, I wanted to use only ''realistic...
  3. Iberville

    Request Inflatable TransHab

    That would be a geat addons! Support for oxygen management, UCGO and Ummu would be fantastic!
  4. Iberville

    Vinka's modules

    I am having the same problems in installing Vinka's stuff. I followed the installation order posted on this page on my Orbiter installation and on a ''clean'' installation. On boths, Orbiter is crashing when I launch the Scenario of Vinka. For some reason it seems that it is mainly when...
  5. Iberville

    OHM Falcon 9 - Dragon spacecraft

    What would make this addon fantastic would be the ability to fix UCGO inside the cargo version to resupply the ISS (the ISS version of DANSTEPH with the oxygen and food setting). Also, being able to ajust the names and the quantity of UMMU would be great.
  6. Iberville

    Problem Spacecraft3 and Multistage2 installation on Orbiter 2010P1

    Hi everyone, I am trying to understand what to do when addons ask for spacecraft3 and multistage2. I am trying to make work on my huge Orbiter installation the building blocks, the Descartes and other addons from 2006 to 2010. I tried to go on vinkas internet site but it seems that it has not...
  7. Iberville

    Question What have you done for the betterment of your community?

    I served in Afghanistan.... does that count? :huh:
  8. Iberville

    Flight Question alignment problem

    Go read again the part in the manual Go Play in Space about docking. At 10 km, you only need to kill to zero your relative velocity. At that point, it should become much easier than what you previously did.
  9. Iberville

    Flight Question alignment problem

    I see that your relative inclination is 0.25 degrees off, which in space and all the huge distance it does a big difference. Before you sync your orbit, you should use the Align Plane MFD to be sure to align your plane as close as you can to ZERO Rinc. With 2 orbits (and 4 passes near one of...
  10. Iberville

    General Question Getting the most out of Orbiter graphically

    The stuff on the addons section for Orbiter 2010 named ''texture'' (earth and mars realistic sky color, new cloud microtexture), plus the L11 and L14 earth are the best things available for now as far as I know.
  11. Iberville

    What languages do you speak?

    Native: French Learned at school when I was younger: English! As a Canadian citizen I believe it's not that bad :)
  12. Iberville

    General Question Universal cargo deck with the XR5

    dbeachy1 you were entirely rigth, again :thumbup: In fact, all of the radios were on the same freq of the UCD. Problem is solved! Thanks to you two guys.
  13. Iberville

    OHM HSTx

    HST ??? Ouf, I tougth it was for ''harmonized sales tax'' like the new one in Ontario that made everything more expensive last year! But I get it, Hubble Space Telescope :-)
  14. Iberville

    General Question Universal cargo deck with the XR5

    It does not seem to work. I installed this addon but I don't really see its point. It's just making an other middle man between the XR5 and the Ucargodeck/payload. Short answer, that crazy alarm keeps going in the ship. I'll continue to see If am I doing something else wrong but I am running...
  15. Iberville

    General Question Universal cargo deck with the XR5

    I create a Ucarago deck and then I select the XR5 as the core ships attached to it. Then I create the Azure and use the payload manager to put it inside de cargo bay.
  16. Iberville

    General Question Universal cargo deck with the XR5

    Hello everyone. I put an Azure rover (the stock one from UCGO) into the cargo bay of an XR5 using universal cargo deck/payload manager. I am planning to bring it to my Longshot in orbit and leave to Jupiter's moons. The problem is that the docking alarm of the XR 5 (''warning, docking port...
  17. Iberville

    What is the one space mission you would love to see in your lifetime

    The best space mission that I would like to see in my life is... me on a Virgin Galactic flight! Suborbital or orbital, I don't care! :cool:
  18. Iberville

    Hardware New laptop for itunes, MS Office and Orbiter

    Good day all, Since they are many people with very deep PC knowledge here, I tought I would ask for your help to buy a new laptop. I want to buy a laptop to use itunes (musics and movies), use it with MS Office for work and play Orbiter. I also want to be able to connect it to my HD tv to play...