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    Problem base sync mfd problem with "ECC" Deorbit burn data is only accurate if your ecc is 0.015 or less

    hi @Debs330 - I wrote that code (albeit a long long time ago). The message is to remind you to be in a circular orbit before deorbiting. If not, then your retro-burn depends on exactly where you are on the oval orbit. Read the documentation in the MFD to learn how to make your own glideslope...

    Question Glideslope / BaseSync reentry of STS/Shuttle Fleet Shuttle

    Necro post here, as I only dop in occasionally to see what's happening. I wrote the latest Glideslope MFD 2.x over 5 years ago, so I'm a bit rusty. But the theory is that you can save your own reentry to generate your own user-defined glideslope, and then promote it back into the Glideslope.cfg...

    General Question Which integrator should I use?

    @SpaceBoy2 Take a look at the coding of Lagrange MFD, which implemented a 4th order symplectic integrator in an asynchronous worker thread, to allow really deep (as in multi-seconds) calculation whilst not stalling the UI.

    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    Same here - no access to OHM any more

    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Not remarkable in the least. It's the reality of hyper-polarization of politics and media. One feeds on the other in an endless cycle, all chasing the click-baits. The media wants you terrified and addicted to the next 30 mins of adverts and eye-balls, regardless if the story is true, false, or...

    SDK Question Need a VS setup refresher I wrote this more as a reminder to my future self, as I am semi-retired from active MFD work these days due to real life.

    News Windows 7 is setting its sun on 14 January 2020

    For many enterprises, there is at lest another 2 years of Windows 7 migration work still underway. My shop - we are at around 75% done now, and looking good to eliminate in 2020. Note that there is something called ESU (Extended Security Updates) for the next couple of years, so it's not like...

    Finding StarLink orbital histories via Python

    Dropping in here after quite a long time away. I have been looking at StarLink orbits on, using Python 3.x. Here's my ## ## ## (c) 2019 Andrew Stokes All Rights Reserved ## ## ## Simple Python app to extract Starlink satellite history data from...

    General Question LaunchMFD Failing to Load in Orbiter '10 and '16

    I see this is fixed, which is good. Just to clarify on my addons: they are compiled in MSVC++ 2017, and statically linked to avoid runtime issues as you had. Avoid them if you wish though.
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    What is difference between "A1Gregorian" and just "Gregorian" to describe an epoch?

    See here: Old document but still interesting. It's mind-blowing to think that we have 3 conflicting reasons to define a second: 1. As a way to determine midday. (I.e. linked to the variable rotation rate of the Earth). 2. As a...
  11. ADSWNJ

    OHM BurnTimeCalcMFD (BTC) 3.1 for Orbiter 2016

    also include here an Orbiter.log file between [ CODE ] … [ /CODE ] tags (without the spaces in the tag names)
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    Misc Sleepy Vessels - Runway landing stabilization

    ... and good for you Majid for doing so!! #OrbiterDevs
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    Software Using VS Code ... not an Orbiter thread ...

    My son is at university, learning to code C, C++, Python, Java, on Linux using vim, gcc makefiles, and gdb from the command line. It's brutal compared to what we do as devs do in Windows in a nice graphical Visual Studio Express or full verison. Is there a better way, using just a text...
  14. ADSWNJ

    Problem 2016 Orbiter Flight Simulator Launch Problem

    Hi Outerspace, I assume your PC is just fine to run Orbiter. Your resolution is large for a single monitor, not in any way suggesting an old obsolete system. Regarding D3D7 versus D3D9, D3D7 is the default graphics engine in Orbiter.exe. Martins designed this environment to allow add-on...
  15. ADSWNJ

    Tutorial Pilot Astronaut Flight Academy

    It looks really comprehensive. What is your goal? Just Orbiter? Orbiter and KSP? General aviation? Do you intend to charge for it?
  16. ADSWNJ

    2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina, 23-25 November

    On the race - nothing much to see, apart from the first lap, the crash, and the cooldown celebration donuts. First lap - Max had an engine problem, leaving himself a challenge to get back up the field (which he did).Both Mercs got away cleanly. The crash - Nico's fault for not giving enough...
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    API Question Sketchpad - how do you clip text

    Looking for advice on how to intentionally clip text outside of an arbitrary rectangle on the HUD. For example, shopping the top 8 pixels off a string, if the position straddles the top of window. Reason: I want to deliver a speed tape on a HUD, and I want the text to slide off the window a...
  18. ADSWNJ

    OHM Glideslope 2.7 for Orbiter 2016

    I spent some time this morning, trying to figure out the HUD symbology withthe aid of several Shuttle HUD landings, the F-Sim app, and sites such as I can see that there's 4 HUD modes (No Declutter, Declutter L1, L2, L3), and a height triggered switch from flight...
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    News Driverless cars: Who should die in a crash?

    The interesting thing, though, is what would a human do in such a circumstance? Firstly, they would probably not know the brakes had failed until they needed them (vs a AP knowing in milliseconds that they were failing). Secondly, as the human panics with no brakes, they would probably freeze...
  20. ADSWNJ

    News Driverless cars: Who should die in a crash?

    I think Face nails it perfectly. I found the questions unnecessarily identity politics and virtue signalling (e.g. do you want to kill the female athlete or the male executive, do you want to kill the old lady or the young lady). Basically - I want the car to protect the passengers through...