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  1. dgatsoulis

    Advanced Question How to create bases

    Got it. Got the same error. It doesn't have a material assigned to it. Select the object and click on material properties. Select the first material and see that the Use Nodes bar is blue: You should be able to build it after that. It was built on my end. BTW, when you are importing the...
  2. dgatsoulis

    Advanced Question How to create bases

    Can you share the svg file so I can try it?
  3. dgatsoulis

    Advanced Question How to create bases

    Not familiar with GPencil either, but I just tried it. Convert the GPencil to Path and select the GP_layer that gets created. You can convert that to a mesh. Delete the GPencil and Build Mesh.
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    Advanced Question How to create bases

    Object->Convert ->Mesh
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    Advanced Question How to create bases

    Output properties->(scroll down to) Orbiter Output Panel.
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    Advanced Question How to create bases

    Here is an excel file I made for myself a few years back. You enter the coordinates and resolution level and it returns the tile (and some other useful info). If you don't have excel, I'm pretty sure you can import it in a google spreadsheet or some other program that opens xlsx files (Open...
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    A flight from Cape Canaveral to Amsterdam, testing out the Scram ascent autopilot that I've been working on. Allows for a completely hands free scram ascent to orbit (or in this case suborbit) at a preselected launch heading.
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    which reference frame to be used

    Depends on your needs: J2000 Frame Fixed frame Best for long-term predictions and mission planning due to its stability and consistency. Commonly used in astronomy and simplifies calculations. True of Date (TOD) Frame Dynamic frame that accounts for Earth's current precession and nutation...
  9. dgatsoulis

    General Question Keyboard controls for Aux engines for Shuttle-A

    It doesn't seem to be documented in the Doc\ShuttleA.pdf but the pod engine thrust control is CTRL-NUMPAD_0 (increase thrust) CTRL-DECIMAL (decrease thrust). So it's the same as the hover engines but with the CTRL pressed. Source: Orbitersdk\samples\ShuttleA\ShuttleA.cpp //...
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    Discussion Trees for Orbiter

    A quick and dirty grove creation. Not a huge impact on the frame rate (280 without the mesh. 265 with it) In the center, you can almost make out a DeltaGlider.
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    Discussion Trees for Orbiter

    This has been fixed in OpenOrbiter. You just need to flag the meshgroup with 0x20. Here it is without the flag (FLAG 0) -Base MESH, so it gets loaded before the vessels. Canaveral.cfg MESH FILE Tree OWNMATERIAL POS 6851.61 0 -2367.58 ROT 10 SHADOW PRELOAD END...
  12. dgatsoulis

    SDK Question Dialogue box show grapple points

    If you have access to the SSRMS code then you can probably apply it to another arm without using chatGPT. (As long as the degrees of freedom are the same, all you need to do is to change the coordinates to apply to the new arm (joint positions, animations, etc). I think I've seen somewhere an...
  13. dgatsoulis

    SDK Question Dialogue box show grapple points

    You probably could, but it's not as easy as telling chatGPT "write me a .dll in c++ that controls a robotic arm in Orbiter SpaceFlight Simulator". (althrough, below is the -probably incorrect- answer to that exact prompt). a possible workflow for a non-programmer such as myself would be this...
  14. dgatsoulis

    SDK Question Dialogue box show grapple points

    I was just testing ChatGPT4 on something and I pasted your post in. Here is the response I got: I asked it to fix the issue and show the c++ code
  15. dgatsoulis

    Question Trying to implement keypress detection in Lua. [SOLVED]

    It was a shot in the dark from me after many unsuccessful attempts to get keypress detection in Lua. It was actually Martin that provided the correct working code. For my small part in this, I am absolutely fine for it to be used in OpenOrbiter.
  16. dgatsoulis

    Software Atmospheric Autopilot for DG

    One solution is to use AutoHotKey. You can write a quick script in a text file and save it as (name of your file).ahk. Then you can run it before running Orbiter and use any combination of keys you want to write anything you want. Here is an example: ^j:: { Send "aap.hdg(200)" } The "^j"...
  17. dgatsoulis

    Problem Script crashes when attempting to access navaid table element in Lua?

    hnav = vi:get_navsource(0) nav_table = oapi.get_navdata(hnav) msg = string.format("%.3f",nav_table.lng) note:set_text(msg) This should work and return the lng table element with 3 decimals. (Not on an Orbiter computer to verify right now).
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    NASA's solar system treks has a 3d model in a few different resolutions: It is in obj format, but it's not textured: Same link also has the Hayabusa2 global DEM (Digital Elevation Model). One can make "proper" surface elevation tiles for Ryugu with that.
  19. dgatsoulis

    General Question Obtaining MOLA data ...

    Bump this. An in depth tutorial on how to obtain and convert height data from a NASA tiff file to .elv files and create an archive tree file would be great. That said, Orbiter's High-resolution texture packs for Mars, already have the following: The HRSC data have 200m/px coverage (not...
  20. dgatsoulis

    Base Moon Village, partially buried base + Pads

    Here is a nice ESA video showing the lander, habitat deployment and the regolith cover. I think that this would make a really cool addon! About the inflate/deflate animation: I believe that it should be possible to run an "inflate" physics simulation in Blender as an animation, and extract...