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  1. Andy44

    Updates NASA New Horizons Mission Updates

    The photo of the observing team in that link is very cool, captures the nasty weather aspect of it mentioned in the text, and it amazes me that all these people around the planet here on the ground are working in conjunction with a robotic spacecraft in the outer fringes of the solar system to...
  2. Andy44

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    That test says I'm 27. Sure, yeah, let's go with that...
  3. Andy44

    What music are you listening to?

    Yuri Gagarin "First Orbit" - YouTube
  4. Andy44

    [Spoilers?] Star Wars Episode IX cast announced

    Also can't wait to see how Finn's character development once again gets quashed by portraying him as a buffoon who goes on pointless missions and accomplishes nothing.
  5. Andy44

    Retro Cool Technology

    The technology behind the moving dartboard is hardly retro, but that was funny! Reminds me of this on the usefulness scale:
  6. Andy44

    Launch News SpaceX Iridium-NEXT Flight 7 (4:39 a.m. PDT/11:39 UTC)

    Have they caught any fairings intact yet? As opposed to fishing them out of the water? (Has that even been done?)
  7. Andy44

    Launch News SpaceX Telstar 19 VANTAGE (Sunday, July 22 1:50 a.m. EDT/5:50 UTC)

    At first I thought it said "Vintage", as in Telstar is a really old program and so here's an old satellite we've had sitting around so let's launch it and get our money's worth lol.
  8. Andy44

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Gotta love the old Hercules, going strong since the 50s, and Lockheed Martin's test pilot actually loops this newest version while wringing it out at an air show. I've never seen a C-130 do this, before. (Loop is around 6:30, but the entire video is awesome)
  9. Andy44

    Updates Herschel & Planck News

    The sheer size of the sky is beyond staggering. What tiny things are we to get a glimpse of what's out there and never get to see it up close.
  10. Andy44

    News Boaty McBoatface hits the water.

    Ya know, sometimes I really love you guys! :cheers:
  11. Andy44

    News Boaty McBoatface hits the water.

    It's a shame the BBC doesn't allow comments on those pages, for stories like this the comments are always the best part. Then again, internet culture is what led to this in the first place.
  12. Andy44

    News Delta II towers at Cape Canaveral toppled

    Shame to see the Delta II retiring. It's been a good launch vehicle.
  13. Andy44

    Internet Video Thread

    Cool footage of Apollo-Little Joe II vehicles being built and flown, put to really good music:
  14. Andy44

    Updates Cassini Mission News and Updates

    No, Cassini detected waves that had to be slowed down by a factor of five to get them into the audio range, according to the video (at 1:10). We've seen this sort of thing before; Cassini, Galileo, and near-earth satellites have picked up radio waves from the magnetic fields of Saturn, Jupiter...
  15. Andy44

    News Nazi U-boat wreckage found off Galicia by Spanish divers

    Even worse, USN and RN radar started getting good at detecting snorkels and periscopes. Being a late war U-boat sailor was almost a death sentence.
  16. Andy44

    Star Wars: SOLO (spoilers abound)

    And yet it was a decent Star Wars movie. While Last Jedi is awful and it made dump trucks full of cash. There is a relationship between film quality and profits, but it's not by any means the only factor.
  17. Andy44

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    A few minutes overdue, but Happy Canada Day to our northern friends. Ran across this today, impossible to say how awesome you guys are:
  18. Andy44

    News Interstellar Technologies MOMO-2 failure

    Hadn't heard about this one, a startup in Japan attempted a launch today and the vehicle crashed and burned on the pad: