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  1. tofitouf

    OHM Map 3D MFD v0.7a

    thanks a lot dude :cheers:
  2. tofitouf

    OHM Map 3D MFD v0.7a

    not yet implemented Interesting trouble, i've not done this yet but there are many ways to do it, I'll think about it for future release, thank for the review. It's always funny to see how "hollywood" computer have incredibles graphics interfaces, I've tried with my little contribution to...
  3. tofitouf

    OHM Map 3D MFD v0.7a

    CTD CTD... my god. I'll try the warp addon, as it can drastically change the way orbject are setup in the universe, It can be a trouble of mine. I'll test it as soon as possible thanks for the feedback it help me a lot
  4. tofitouf

    another version of the Galactic Map

    Long time since I didn't code for orbiter The challenges are in stand by it's a pity. But I came back last Sunday and to have easy a easy return to code I've dive into the galactic map. a new version is available on orbit hangar : Map 3D MFD v0.7 3 new features - a target object can be...
  5. tofitouf

    Map 3D MFD v0.7a 2010-10-05

    9th release for my Galaxy 3D Map ! Works for orbiter 2010 and 2006 ! (v0.7a just adds very small corrections to v0.7) New : You can now see bases and setup at target object New : the autoscale option The galactic map is a futurist MFD that allows you to see any object of the galaxy and it's...
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    OHM Map 3D MFD v0.7a

    this version is compatible with 2010 SP1, I've just tried it ---------- Post added at 09:08 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:05 AM ---------- Thanks a lot, that's a great idea. I'll think about it but I would need more advice. when you say to autoselect object by size, how do you...
  7. tofitouf

    Challenges are on the way

    the orbiter challenges is also in great progress, I'm close of a v1 version. communication between orbiter and a web site is now made possible. allowing to send scoring data (named orbipoints) directly from the simulation. your progress is then saved automatically during the mission, you can...
  8. tofitouf

    OHM Map 3D MFD v0.7a

    Thanks a lot, As you said I use MFD first version. I'll post a fully compatible 2010 version after with full code source embedded. for the moment you can take my current version here : and thanks for the bug report i've see that, it'll be easy to...
  9. tofitouf

    New version of the galactic map

    You didn't, it's me : I've just discovered this functionnality in orbiter, I'll try to add it then, tank you for the idea. For the moment you open the mfd with the SEL button
  10. tofitouf

    New version of the galactic map

    thanks a lot guys, your review will help me.
  11. tofitouf

    New Release Galactic Map 3D is adpated to orbiter 2010

    And I've fixed many little bug and strange things ; manual transition has been completely improved. have fun my orbiter friends
  12. tofitouf

    New version of the galactic map

    The new orbiter 2010 woke me up. My intergalactic GPS didn't worked anymore..... I ran back to my secret lab and worked days and nights. I'm proud to present you a brand new version : Map 3D MFD v0.6b thanks in advance for any comment
  13. tofitouf

    Defintively I love orbiter world.

    It would be strange if not ; with all the time I spend every day making new stuff for this fantastic simulator. It's been a long time i've not written here but it's not because i've lost interest in the orbiter community. I've continued many different project : - first : the Orbiter Galactic...
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    OHM Map 3D MFD v0.7a

    if you've got idea for improvements, you're welcome. I'm quite busy those days (workiong hard on orbiter challenges my new main project) by I'll keep any idea on a corner of my brain and i'll try to bring the best of those ideas to life. ---------- Post added at 06:25 PM ---------- Previous...
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    Question TransX auto burn

    hello, I'm the one who have the duty to maintain transX. But i'm also under many other projects (galactic map3D, The new francophone site, orbiter challenges....) What I expect for future of transX is of course a good autoburn. It won't be hard to make, I've already made such things for test...
  16. tofitouf

    Misc New TransX developer required/Agentgonzo's leaving thread

    Thanks a lot agent gonzo for all your excellent work for the community. I'll try to have a look and maintain your fantastic mfd. have a great life in south africa
  17. tofitouf

    OHM Map 3D MFD v0.7a

    New version I'm made a new version of the galactic map. No Great new feature, mainly changes of the interface (buttons position and action, dynamic menu that hide itself, linear zoom.... and so on. thanks in advance for your reviews.
  18. tofitouf

    New version of the galactic map

    You're welcome thank for the review. I hope the map can help you
  19. tofitouf

    New version of the galactic map

    Hey you didn't read the manual :) perhaps it's not clear enough
  20. tofitouf


    What is the plan ? Hello Dear orbinauts I'm not often on the official OH forum more on Dan's one (I'm a poor little frenchy) and I've just discovered this thread. It's been a long time I wanted to add Multiplayer features in Orbiter, and I'm very happy to see that I'm not the only one. I'm...