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  1. acesax23

    Communications in Orbiter-Forum

    lol . well , thanks for that guys . but everyone is welcome in my server! hail probe!
  2. acesax23

    Communications in Orbiter-Forum

    I wish to have a communication system here in O-F. well , that wish was granted. The "Orbiter IRC chat" but . Isn't nicer if we have a Voice Conferencing with other Orbinaut? what do you think? say "I". if you disagree, say "ne" :lol: For more information..
  3. acesax23

    Happy Birthday! !! Hail Probe ! :hail: :probe:

    Happy Birthday! !! Hail Probe ! :hail: :probe:
  4. acesax23

    Happy Birthday!! Hail Probe!

    Happy Birthday!! Hail Probe!
  5. acesax23

    Hey ripley , this is about FaceTrackNoIR. after installing it. how to set up these things? like...

    Hey ripley , this is about FaceTrackNoIR. after installing it. how to set up these things? like when i open the program FaceTrackNoIR, what's next?
  6. acesax23

    :welcome: to Orbiter Forum!!

    :welcome: to Orbiter Forum!!
  7. acesax23

    FaceTrackNoIR as a free view system

    There's a problem! no ippcore-5.3.dll !!!
  8. acesax23

    News Paul is dead!

    but before that , we must watch this first . In the name of Paul.
  9. acesax23

    Problem Screen saver causing graphical glitch

    woooow ! it's weird .. i'll try that glitch was your screensaver animated? or just a Picture?
  10. acesax23

    News Paul is dead!

    what was the cause of his death? was it because of the aquarium? lack of oxygen?
  11. acesax23

    News Paul is dead!

    Nooo !! !!! He is my Nostradamus !! :( :(
  12. acesax23

    FaceTrackNoIR as a free view system

    Wow! Great idea! Hail Probe!
  13. acesax23

    Tell us about yourself!

    well , Hail Probe! My real name is Ace Allen .. 14 years old. proud of my nationality. And certified Atenean! Ateneo is a school. i chose Acesax as my nick because it's Unique! and nobody owns it. well , I've been playing Orbiter since June '10 !! i thought Orbiter was difficult , but i was...
  14. acesax23

    HAIL PROBE! Just what is the Probe!? []

    oh hail probe! probe hails my facebook profile ! and soon , facebook will sponsor us on spreading that words (kinda)! hail probe! :hail: :probe:
  15. acesax23

    Question What are your favourite pictures and why? (space related)

    well , It's kinda Unique.. :tiphat:
  16. acesax23

    I'm back

    :welcome: back! Hail Probe!
  17. acesax23

    OHM Nemesis

    Hey barrel , did you use the LunarCell to make that gas giant??
  18. acesax23

    Discussion System Building

    Hey , Tell everyone that this may not work because it only depends your OS. this only work in 180 bit. (i only got 64)