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    SRTM-30 Earth DEM test

    on this has there been any "standardized datum" inserted into the beta version of orbiter...only asking this as it would then make insertion of hi res local DEM's up to the individual end users requirements and capabilites, also leaving those with the money and processors to go "global" if...
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    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    thanks francisdrake, nice to play with something other than a shuttle during beta building.
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    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    Loving the beta Version, I realise the focus is on stabilising the essentials, but I just couldn't resist and thought it was worth bringing up, I tried running the delta heavies add on, the crafts loaded (where on earth I'm not sure) however the vessel sat on a steep incline (guessing about...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    RASBERRY PI Start by saying great work Kamaz on the external MFD work you've been doing for the past few years. I got my simpit avionics sorted out with a few MIMO monitors and an old laptop as the MFD controller. Boxed them all up together whilst I started on building the simpit...
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    OHM Level 11 BMNG Earth Textures: January, Standard Quality

    Quick question, will these textures work on stock standard Orbiter setup, I still haven't switched over to any of the graphic clients as yet. Cheers
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Been a while since I tried the stacked option, will retry in the next week and get back on that one
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Thanks, I'm using ORC, I do have the free 2012 version of Microsoft C++ if I can open the form I will see if I can remove the client buttons, plan B would be to drop them from the MFD the stacked function has never worked for me, I assumed its because the main screen resolution on the laptop is...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Did test run with bitmap above... It's the same bump over four MFD's My touch screens are 1024 x 600 in portrait to try and get maximum sized mfd screen and keeping the aspect ratio correct. As you can see in this picture I'm...
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  10. MFD Closeup

    MFD Closeup

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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Question re:Location of bitmap file in Orbiter? just about to start on modifying my ini file, quick question Im assuming the bitmap is to be stored in the orbiter root directory? Here's the first one, quick and basic, should be able to fit 2 per touch screen @ 600x500 each on a 1024 x 600...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Thanks, gimme a few days to download and have a play with it!
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    General Question MFD Styles

    Ok thanks, I've had orbiter since 2005 version and have never used the DG, only ever really been into the historic stuff, and yes I was only interested in the case. Long term I wish to Crete my own addon with 2D panels so maybe there is hope I can utilise these screens,for now I will have to...
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    General Question MFD Styles

    I have a pretty basic question, I've seen screen shots from different developers using single/multiple MFD's like the one linked below. are these craft specific? I've mainly used craft without 2D panels so maybe this is...
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    You may recall I mentioned 'prettying up' the screens. I now have two 10" touch screens and I...

    You may recall I mentioned 'prettying up' the screens. I now have two 10" touch screens and I can stack two MFD's on each. Im aiming for four altimately. I was wondering if you can tell me how the get this MFD style screen...I've seen screen shots with 3-4 of these up. Im not sure of they are...
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    OHM DIY Keyboard Mod v1.0

    KISS! Keep it Stupidly Simple!!! I do have a POSKEY/ARDRINO PCB awaiting my time and attention to build a customized panel...which in essence is just a keyboard in a box anyways...gunna go grab me a keyboard with numpad and starting whizzing round in LEO. will be great for testbedding my...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    any way of using the ini file to place the MFD's at an exact location (ie off screen) I've got the two Mimos working well but i have to drag each VNC screen to the desired screen after connecting. if I can get it to do this automatically would be great. there will be no keyboard or mouse in my...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Thanks for clearing the ini file info, hadn't opened it, my programming skills to date have amounted to the Visual Studio Tutorial and C+ tutorials recently purchased unopened on my book shelf. By cosmetic I was wondering how difficult for a newbie as myself to add raster/bit maps around the mfd...