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  1. unussapiens

    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    It sounds like you use a procedural solid-based CAD package (Like SolidWorks or CATIA), while I believe Coolhand uses mesh based modelling packages (Models made up of vertices, faces and edges), so there aren't features as such. Meshes are usually talked about in terms of polys (polygons) or...
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    Add-on Development Resources

    Probably easier to use the .exe installer, which can be found on this site.
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    Question What was the M6?

    I haven't been around much for a year or two now, but are people from M6 still only discovering OF now? I would have thought most of them would have made their way over a while ago.
  4. unussapiens

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    It's a book? I've only seen the movie.
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    Software A free counterpart for Adobe Premiere?

    Blender has a built in Compositer and Sequencer that work well enough for most uses you would have (But it comes with Blender's learning curve). As a late addition to the list, since the thread has been bumped, I'll recommend kdenlive to any linux users. A very powerful piece of software that...
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    Idea Mercury and Gemini add-on improvements

    What sort of FPS are you getting with it?
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

  8. unussapiens

    Holding a stead altitude

    Isn't your periapsis always going to be below your apoapsis? Perhaps you mean "Is your periapsis below the surface of the earth?"
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    Software A free counterpart for Adobe Premiere?

    If you're going to use blender you'll want to use the sequencer and compositor (mainly). If you want to get really fancy you can use videos as textures on meshes and then animate the meshes, but that's hard to do well.
  10. unussapiens

    General Question A SVG Earth Map

    To do that succesfully for a texture for a planet would be impractical, since you would have to draw every little detail. I would, however, consider seeing it is possible to implement vectorised textures for vessels and panels too, as this would be more practical (I'm not sure how practical, but...
  11. unussapiens

    General Question A SVG Earth Map

    I believe that what you are talking about is mip mapping, which is where a lower res version of a texture is shown if you are further away. Orbiter already supports mip mapping. You may wish to have a look at and...
  12. unussapiens

    Search a Buran-Energia addon

    Wow, that's some high impact typing there. A big font won't get you served any faster.
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    My Web Site

    I recommend losing the page with "Enter Site" on it, put that info on the home page if you feel you must have it. Other than that, fairly good. I'm with the others, plain black background aren't great, try dark grey. I also recommend having a look at CSS, and maybe adding a few images to the...
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    Biggest Scale Model Rocket Ever Built!

    Impressive. When I saw the thread title I immediately thought of this: (Start about 25 seconds in) (Start about 25 seconds in)
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    Question What program for modelling is the best?

    There is no best piece of software, but everyone has their favourite. My personal favourite is Blender, but it has a very steep learning curve. Look at the similar posts like TSPenguin suggested, read them, then choose.
  16. unussapiens

    N1 rocket

    It's been put on indefinite hold. If anyone wants to take over from me I'll be happy to provide the meshes and textures I have so far.
  17. unussapiens

    The twilight craze.

    I would say it was pretty accurate, although most people are more obsessed than was shown.
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    Question Common 3D formats of add-on makers?

    The blender format (.blend) is a very complex format, designed for scenes, animation secquences and pretty much anything else you might need to make 3D movie. Having said that, if anyone is up to the challenge I would love to be able to use .blend files in Orbiter. I also support the idea of...
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    The twilight craze.

    The Twilight movie is what you get when you turn Underworld into a chick flick.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    *Choir of angels singing mozart'z hallelujah chorus*