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  1. MessiGamer

    AEB Skin for UMmu 3.0 2017-06-19

    Brazilian Space Agency Skin for Universal MMU How to Instal: Extract the file in your orbiter directory In game add an astronaut (UMMU) and press left-Shift + R and put you name, age... in function add AEB.  This addon need's UMmu 3.0: Dan's Orbiter Page: @Orbiter Brasil  
  2. MessiGamer

    XR2 StarFight Repaint 2017-06-16

    StarFight Repaint for XR2 Ravenstar Instalation: Extract the file in you orbiter directory. Run the "Launcher" scenario in XR2 Ravenstar/Skin Demos/OrbiterBrazil.scn Credits for artworks: Shark: "Perfect Gods" series by Robert Longo Astronaut: "Jochi" @OrbiterBrasil 
  3. MessiGamer

    XR5 ORBITER BRAZIL 2017-01-21

    Orbiter Brazil repaint for XR5 Vanguard
  4. MessiGamer

    Problem orbiter-hangar, search bar not working (issue?)

    hello, for me and my friend's we found an issue in orbithangar. the search bar is not working. i try to clear cache and other options not worked :cheers:
  5. MessiGamer

    Scenario ISS timelapse in orbiter 2010

    okay, i had much work to make this video "time-lapse" because Orbiter 2010 not have nothing :) my channel is destined a content in Portuguese. :tiphat: my addons: ISS v3.2 ISS A to Z another sun texture realistic sky microtextureclouds d3d9client interior...
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    Installation Orbiter 2016 "high textures pack"

    The high textures pack of the new website are the same as old website? or i need to download again for work in this final version? thanks! :tiphat:
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    Screenshot 3

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    Orbiter Beta r.55 d3d9client?

    I found D3D9 client rv45 but does not work, there is a new version? :tiphat: after starting, open console with this error (rv45) Module Sun.dll ............... [Build 150906, API 150906] Module Mercury.dll ........... [Build 150906, API 150906] Module Venus.dll ............. [Build 150906...
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    Sem título

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    Orbiter 2016 (beta) size

    What is the size of the uncompressed files (all), earth, moon, mars and minor bodies? :idk: I'm downloading all and i have 200GB :shifty: space in my HD thanks! :tiphat:
  12. MessiGamer

    Scenario Manned Maneuvering Unit - MMU addon?

    what is link for this? I do not found this addon thanks!:tiphat:
  13. MessiGamer

    Vessel I have an idea for a new add-on (XR2 - DGIV)

    imagine how cool it would DG - IV or XR2 ravenstar with fuel tanks, like Atlantis or Buran :thumbup: But it is possible? and if it's because nobody has done yet? I know nothing of making addons but it would be cool! :cheers: sorry for my english xD
  14. MessiGamer

    Flight Question Launch window for moon

    Well the problem is that equatorial inclination of the moon is smaller than my latitude! I have options, another place of launch or expect a better window (01/11/2024). There is another way to get the moon with this problem? How to solve this? I am using LaunchMFD with IMFD v5.5 my launch site...
  15. orbiter 2014 12 07 19 20 45 988

    orbiter 2014 12 07 19 20 45 988

  16. Orbiter Multiplayer Project (OMP)

    Orbiter Multiplayer Project (OMP)

    Screenshots by OrbiterBrasil
  17. MessiGamer

    Acceleration time (is it possible?)

    Was playing with my friend and decided to go to the moon, but we can not decrease the rate of 3 days. OMP does not allows speed up the time? No exist any other way? :facepalm:


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    General Question Could someone give me the link UMMU 1.5 ?

    Could someone give me the link UMMU 1.5 ?