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  1. Chipstone306

    Internet Orbiter Internet Radio

    link I may be blind or still trying to follow up what I have missed since being away... Is orbiter radio currently broadcasting or down for maintenance and is there a direct link to listen ( excuse the ignorance I still have 2k worth of posts to catch up on )
  2. Chipstone306

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    And with my new return I must state for all HAIL PROBE!
  3. Chipstone306

    I am back!

    Thank you all . It's good to be back and catch up . So have we gotten to the moon yet?
  4. Chipstone306

    I am back!

    Hello all looong time no chat. I am finally back after a 4 yearish hiayta to focus on family and career . Now to catch up on ...1900 posts :(
  5. Chipstone306

    Vote for the Shuttle's Last Wake-Up Calls

    Space Wake-Up Music Contest from NASA! Hey all I found this amazing contest ive already votes on it.
  6. Chipstone306

    Question General Spaceflight Q&A

    Smells aboard the ISS So I have a unusual question: Even with the filters aboard and the ventilation... Is there any smell in the air of the ISS? i imagine 6 people living in close quarters, generators, experiments adn food must leave a certain odour aboard..
  7. Chipstone306

    Gaming Military personnel comment on being the Taliban in MOH

    As a current member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I thought I should share my opinion on the game... I do play MOH when I have the time. I really dont care as to what side I play as I am there to have fun and interact with others in a community ( Much like this community ) Do I think that MOH...
  8. Chipstone306

    Humor Why we love the IRC channel. disscussion of article above on Orbiterradio Chat <insanity> personally, adults shouldn't take advantage of kids. As a 24 year old man, I wouldn't sleep with an 18 or 19 year old girl...
  9. Chipstone306

    Famous Space Quotes

    Very nice quote!
  10. Chipstone306

    Famous Space Quotes

    The thing I'll remember most about the flight is that it was fun. In fact, I'm sure it was the most fun that I'll ever have in my life. — Sally K. Ride, first woman to orbit Earth aboard the Space Shuttle, 1983.
  11. Chipstone306

    Famous Space Quotes

    Lisa Nowak quote... Of course risk is part of spaceflight. We accept some of that to achieve greater goals in exploration and find out more about ourselves and the universe. — Lisa Nowak, STS-121 astronaut, a few days prior to launch, reported in the Houston Chronicle newspaper, 25 June 2006...
  12. Chipstone306

    Famous Space Quotes

    Good quote... Let's face it, space is a risky business. I always considered every launch a barely controlled explosion. — Aaron Cohen, NASA administrator
  13. Chipstone306

    Famous Space Quotes

    Space Quotes NASA is not about the 'Adventure of Human Space Exploration,' we are in the deadly serious business of saving the species. All Human Exploration's bottom line is about preserving our species over the long haul." Astronaut John Young,"The Big Picture" ---------- Post added at 04:09...
  14. Chipstone306

    Famous Space Quotes

    I'm going to start this thread off. Lets try to keep it to actual people and not characters from movies...... The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or...
  15. Chipstone306

    Question Soyuz Question

    soyuz escape Anyone take a gander at what casued the failure in the video? Thanks for the info all!
  16. Chipstone306

    Canasnack Canada's recent contribution...Oatmeal cookies

    Seriously ... I guess us in the north are dragging our heels again... Anyone need a robotic arm... anyone? You can attach it to a car!
  17. Chipstone306

    Missles over newfoundland?

    It wasn't my launches causing that one... Mine have oly made it to 500 feet. jk Since ive lived in N.S. I've seen a lot of things fall fromt he sky over us I have seen daytime meteors round here that looked a lot like that..
  18. Chipstone306

    Chipstone306 is back!

    Are you still in the Maritimes?
  19. Chipstone306

    Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day Happy Independence Day to my neighbours to the south
  20. Chipstone306

    Dreaming of Pad 39-E

    My concern would be more logistical....workers. Staffing THAT many launch pads as well as keeping up with maintenance would be enormous. Most people would not want to drive 4 hrs to work so they would need to be close by. In theory an excellent idea that many pads would allow quick construction...